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Goldust Denies Retirement, Diva Has Surgery, Country Specific Network Content?

Goldust Denies Retirement Rumor

Goldust has denied a rumor doing the rounds this week that he’ll be retiring after Wrestlemania to pursue a backstage role. He wrote on Twitter:

Layla Has Surgery

The reason Layla has been off TV recently because she’s suffering some kind of illness/injury. reports that she underwent a surgery earlier this week.

Stephanie Talks WWE Network

In a recent interview with the UK’s Talk Sport, Stephanie McMahon hinted that the WWE Network could start broadcasting region specific programming. In other words the UK version of the network might get shows that the US version won’t etc.

“Right now our focus is really to continue on the launch and rollout of the Network – but ultimately localisation of the content on the WWE Network where it makes sense to do so.”

This may be even more relevant in markets where English isn’t the main language.

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