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Goldberg Outsells Triple H, Scotty Too Hotty Talks WWE Appearance, Jake Roberts Talks HOF

Goldberg Sells More DVDs Than Triple H

According to data released on WWE’s corporate website, the Goldberg DVD has sold more copies that Triple H’s and the WWE 50 year history DVD. Here’s the data:

– Goldberg The Ultimate Collection: 99,000 units.

– The History of WWE 50 Years of Sports Entertainment: 86,000 units.

– Triple H Thy Kingdom Come: 64,000 units.

– WWE Legends of Mid-South Wrestling: 64,000 units.

– ECW Unreleased Vol. 2: 62,000 units.

Scotty Too Hotty Has The Wrestling Bug Again

In a recent interview with the Orlando Sentinel Scotty Too Hotty discussed his recent WWE appearances, and how it’s given him the wrestling bug again:

I realized last year I went to fire school and EMT school and graduated both of those, finished up and started looking for a job and I thought I was out of wrestling, and then I got the call to go to ‘Old School’ Raw and doing that and being there for the day I realized I know I can still go, I don’t want to be that guy embarrassing himself, I know I can still go. I’m in better shape now then the last time I was there full-time. And you just know there’s probably only a few more years where I can do this and the level I want to do it. I started taking a little bit more (bookings). I’ve said for the last few years I’m just using this as a vehicle to take me to different places I’ve never been anyways. I just went to Ecuador for the first time, South America for the first time ever, stuff like that. I tell my kids find a job that’s going to pay you to travel the world on someone else’s dime and that’s basically what I use it for now.

You know what’s so cool wrestling for them now? When you’re there as a full-time guy and you’re wrestling four nights a week, you kind of take it for granted. Everything is going 100 miles an hour. Whereas now, like when I went back for ‘Old School’ Raw, you go this could be the last time. And you kind of appreciate it more. You take it all in. And then same thing for NXT. This could be the last time I’m in a WWE ring. Hopefully it’s not and chances are it’s not going to be because I’m still in decent shape and relatively young. I’m sure there’ll be more coming down the road but you say that to yourself and appreciate it.

Jake Roberts Talks Being Clean For The Hall of Fame

Jake Roberts told the Baltimore ABC News affiliate that he wouldn’t be in the Hall of Fame without getting clean:

Had I not gotten clean with Dallas’ help, I wouldn’t be going into the Hall of Fame. The WWE doesn’t want to put someone out there and not be able to trust what they will say in front of a worldwide audience. Being clean has given me another chance in life.

No one grows up and says they want to be an alcoholic or a drug addict. It just happens. The best way to avoid that happening to you is never trying it in the first place. I was in so much pain before getting together with Dallas. I was using coke and drinking just to get through the day. That’s not the case anymore. Dallas saved my life. I owe everything I have right now to him and helping me get back on the right path. It wasn’t rehab Dallas put me through. It was tough love and it sunk in more than any rehab I ever tried.

Speaking of The Snake, he was recently turned down when looking to get booked for Comic Con:

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