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Goldberg Appreciates Undertaker, Jericho Hacked, Owens On SmackDown, Inside Lesnar’s Contract

Goldberg Says Taker Revolutionized Wrestling

Goldberg says he has nothing but respect for the Undertaker in a new interview wit the Inquisitr:

“Mark’s awesome, dude. Talk about revolutionizing the business, he was unbelievable and to see that he still does it in some capacity is unbelievable. And he’s a great guy and I very much appreciate him both in and out of the ring.”

Goldberg is still looking to have one more wrestling match, but his relationship with WWE seems to have soured in recent months.

Jericho Hacked Again

Chris Jericho has been the victim of a legitimate hacking again this week. This time his Instagram accounts were hacked twice in two days. The group called “Galvanize Mob” uploaded pornographic pictures and gloated about their hacking.

Jericho wrote the following after regaining access:

“Ok guys…Wanna try again? Jericho- 2, Hackers- 0″

Kevin Owens SmackDown Debut

NXT Champion Kevin Owens makes his SmackDown debut this week in an interview with Michael Cole. Cena’s Elimination Chamber opponent also defeated R-Truth in a dark match.

Story Behind Lesnar’s New WWE Deal

Former UFC PR chief Jennifer Wenk gave some insider details about Brock Lesnar’s WWE contract renewal in an interview with

It’s about ten o’clock at night and I’m just about to get into bed and my phone rings, and I look at it and it’s a name I recognize and I answer the phone. It’s Brock’s manager, and he said ‘Have you been following what’s going on in the news?’ I said, ‘Yeah I think so.’ He said ‘Well, Brock made a decision and we want to announce it tomorrow.’ Keep it mind, it’s one o’clock eastern time. He’s like ‘So, Brock wants you to do it. What are we going to do?’

We went through a few different scenarios right there and then on the phone. We talked about doing a press conference, we talked about doing a conference call, but the biggest thing was that we didn’t want the news to leak. Which is why he called me to do it, because he knows I know the UFC very well and I knew the WWE very well. He wanted someone independent to make it so that he could announce it himself.

So I get a call and it’s Brock’s manager and he’s like ‘Paul Heyman’s at the SportsCenter studios with Dana. (Brock’s manager was) like ‘Did you book it?’ ‘No, do you think someone at SportsCenter told somebody?’ And I’m like ‘I don’t know!’ And from eleven o’clock until three o’clock when he got there I was Googling every thirty seconds waiting for it to leak.

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