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GFW’s Frist PPV, Hulk At RAW, Steph Comments On CM Punk, Austin In Funny Ad, New Stable’s Name

Jarrett Partners With NJPW PPV

Jeff Jarrett has partnered with NJPW to bring their annual Tokyo Dome event in January to US audiences on PPV for the first time. This will be branded as a GFW event with English announcing.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that rather than being a standard promotion, GFW will be platform to showcase promotions from all over the world under one banner.

RAW Preview

Hulk Hogan is set for tonight’s RAW from Chicago and Tweeted the following earlier today: are also hyping the following 5 points:

– What could Rollins possibly devise that would be worse than a pile of cinderblocks?

– It’ll take brains and brawn to dethrone the tag division’s resident weirdoes; who’s the tandem to step up and challenge them?

– Was Nikki serious when she demanded Brie stop using the Bella name?

– Will Ziggler, having proved himself a fighting champion, grant Cesaro a rematch?

– How long will it be before the odds finally overcome Cena?

WWE Would Still Work With Punk

In a interview with WGN Chicago this morning to promote RAW and the annual Susan G. Komen campaign, Stephanie McMahon was asked about CM Punk. She said:

“CM Punk is an incredible character, and we’ve had a lot of fun with him, and who knows what the future holds.”

Austin In Wendy’s Commercial

WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin is featured in a funny new commercial promoting Wendy’s BBQ Pulled Pork range. Check it out:

The Smart Athletic Friends

The new stable with Xavier Woods, Big E. and Kofi Kingston is apparently going to be called The Smart Athletic Friends, with each tag team combination having their own sub-names. Xavier and Kofi’s team is called Speed Force, and the combination of Big E and Xavier is called Muscle Bomb.

Until it hits TV though it could always change.

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  • justice

    OMG! I hope that news about Kofi’s stable is not true, because that is seriously the worst thing I have heard in a very long time, straight garbage! WWE is going down the tubes, TNA is losing its TV station, and now GFW turns out not to be a real promotion, this is indeed a bad time to be a wrestling fan.

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