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Garrett Bischoff Update, TNA Reaches Milestone, Jay Bradley Talks TNA Departure

Garrett Bischoff Still Under Contract

Though it was assumed he’d left the company, Garrett Bischoff told the Wrestling Mania show that he’s still under TNA contract.

He explained that since the end of Aces and Eights, TNA creative have had nothing for him.

TNA Reaches Youtube Milestone

TNA issued the following today:

Thanks to our incredible fans, today the TNA Impact Wrestling YouTube channel has exceeded 500 million views, beating other popular YouTube channels such as UFC, NHL, MLB, NASCAR, MLS, WNBA, Marvel, CNN and Fox to the milestone.

Jay Bradley Moving On From TNA

Jay Bradley discussed his departure from TNA in a recent interview with RCWR:

I can kind of look at it in a negative way and let it sour me or I can be like Tupac who said to just shrug and say F it and move on. You know what I mean? I’m not going to let the black cloud or anything follow me to the next job or anything like that. There is no bitterness to be skewed or anything like that. It’s business. After being in professional wrestling for the last 10 years, I understand how the business works in ways that I am sure people might not understand it. There’s no money owed to me by TNA, they’ve met the end of their contract and I have not only met but exceeded mine.

But as far as what happened, it’s easy to tell that the company itself if going through a lot of changes and there are a lot of changes going forward and I think I just got caught up in that in a negative way and got pushed aside because of it. Just look at the last 6 months, they’ve had major executive changes, major leadership changes, live TV, no live TV, in Orlando and back for TV. A lot of major names have left the company as far as talent goes and a lot of new guys have come in. As far as the new names coming in, yeah, I felt go to wrestling i n c I wasn’t taken advantage of as a businessman and an athlete, you have to have that confidence coming in and as I am hearing about it on TV or through the wrestler grapevine, I fit right in with this so why give me the ball and run? Unfortunately I don’t have an answer to that, I’m not in those meetings where those decisions are made. All I’ve been told is that the company cannot afford to keep me on payroll and keep me sitting at home as small as my monthly check was, the resources weren’t available to do that any further and they had kind of templated out the television for the next few months with this investor storyline and Dixie Carter sort of thing and didn’t see me fitting into it. I was like “Ok”, you move on.

So it looks like I will be working in Japan on a somewhat regular basis so I really can’t be negative about it because TNA basically paid me for a year to become a better wrestler and a better athlete overall and then pretty much just gave me to a Japanese company who pays me equally as good or better so I can’t complain whatever. As for what happened or why, I really don’t know. I was really adamantly trying to get the writer’s attention, weekly calling the office trying to get a hold of the powers that be or emailing them directly to utilize go to wrestling i n c myself or ideas for myself or other people on TV or storylines or business in general. But as business goes, you’re not going to get an answer to every email but just to be acknowledged would have been a more positive for me and for whatever reason, they felt they should go another way. But the wrestling world has opened up a little more to me now because of my time there and a lot more people were exposed to what I can do in the ring so no complaints on that. Obviously I would have loved for it to go a little bit better but things change and I can only say that change was a major thing for TNA in 2013 and it’s going to be that way for the foreseeable future.

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