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Full WWE Network PPV List, Naomi Update, RAW Rating Drops

Over The Edge 1999 PPV On WWE Network

Owen Hart deathWWE have released the full list of PPVs that will be included on the WWE Network at launch. Essentially this is every WWE, WCW and ECW PPV event. Some fans may not realize that although ECW had many big events, they only had about 20 actual PPVs. WWE’s list also does not include Crossing the Line 1999, and the joint PPV with FMW in 1998.

On the WWE front they have included Over The Edge 1999, which is the night Owen Hart died. There will likely be some kind of advisory before it streams.

It’s also apparent that although there will be an original series on the Monday Night Wars, no TV episodes will be available at the launch, so you won’t be able to watch the Wars week to week, only the PPVs.

Go to for the full list.

Naomi Eye Injury Update have revealed more details about Naomi’s eye injury from RAW, where Aksana essentially knee dropped her in the face. She suffered a bruised orbital bone / eye socket, as well as a scratched cornea. She did not sustain a concussion.

Naomi wrote on Twitter:

“Almost lost my eye last night but I got the WIN! My message to Aj is clear, I’m coming for the Divas Championship.”

RAW Audience Decreases

This week’s episode of WWE RAW drew an average audience of 4.210 million viewers on the USA Network, down from the previous week’s 4.718 million number.

Hour one drew 4.428 million viewers, hour two dropped to 4.221 million, and the final hour saw another drop to 3.983 million viewers.

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