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Former WWE Trainer Shoots On DeMott, Mysterio Talks WWE Departure, Victoria’s Husband Slams Robber

Tom Prichard Blasts WWE’s Investigation

Former WWE trainer “Dr. Tom” Prichard broke his silence about the Bill DeMott situation on Twitter yesterday. Prichard was a respected trainer back during the Deep South Wrestling days, but was let go when they streamlined the operation to Florida. Bill DeMott who had originally been fired in a similar situation to the recent controversy, was curiously brought in as his replacement.

U know, with all the allegations coming out from not just a couple, but a LOT of people, you’d think there would have been a more thorough investigation… For Christ’s sake, a PICTURE is worth 1000 words! How in the hell does anyone justify or defend that? I can’t imagine the incredible arrogance, incompetence and outright “don’t give a damn, I’m the boss and I’m going to run this place ‘my way” attitude is unbelievable. One, two, maybe five disgruntled employees I can see… But more and more are coming forward every day!

It’s not like no one knew!!! Why wasn’t something done a long time ago? Hell, why was he even hired to come back and train anybody in the first place? Replace me, OK. I did call Canyon Semen a “Flaming F’N Asshole” to his face and for that I probably should have been fired. Using the excuse of not having a one year start to finish curriculum was a rib, but I get it. But when a talent(s) sends a confidential email and you claim to do a “full investigation” when in fact you didn’t, then why isn’t someone asking the question “Hey Canyon! Just who did you talk to, what did you ask them and by the way, what did you think of the picture of Gallows with a jelly doughnut in his ass giving Ryder the stink face??” Was THAT in YOUR goddam curriculum? I’ve remained silent but I have a lot to say. When the time’s right. But the more shit I see, the more pissed I get. They can’t claim ignorance. Stupidity, yes. But there were people in key positions who knew about his past and chose to ignore it. Why?

Former TNA Knockout Rhaka Khan (Trenesha Biggers) who was in WWE developmental before going to TNA made her own allegations against DeMott in an email that was leaked this week:

… I understand that you received some (varying) feedback from WWE.. ..that I needed more training… Im always looking to grow and evolve as a wrestler…… Im on a constant quest. But unfortunately it was too late for me before they figured out how corrupt the source (Bill DeMott ) was that they were getting information from. A person who told the entire class that I would make it on TV over his dead body BEFORE I ever even stepped foot through the front door (of WWE Developmental), A person who embarrassed,abused,and embarrassed me( from day one) on a daily basis. A person who scared and intimidated me into a fear that silenced my ability to cry out for help in a more aggressive way before it was too late. A man who in front of the entire class asked me “So, who did you sleep with to get hired?” A man who made me drink an entire 6 pack of Beer and then do wrestling drills in front of the whole class to SAVE THEM from thousands of squats. Do you know that he and some of his students even got together and made Deep South hats for everyone except me…

They made Diva specific gear for girls who didnt even have contracts to make sure that I felt alienated. He made sure not to EVER let me actually wrestle (not even in practice) unless the office was there.He set me up to look bad, having us (plan a match) and then switch partners right before a tag match started ( with WWE writers and agents there like Steamboat and Hayes.

When Dave Taylor got there he taught me more in a month than I learned the entire time I was there. Dave Taylor asked me “Why dont you have a match?” I told him”Bill says Im not ready.” ….His reply was: ” What the hell Does Bill mean you arent ready??? You are bloody ready!!!” So again I started asking him for matches and he would say…”Are you sure ?????? If you mess up and they see it It will all be over” When I asked Tommy Dreamer about if I could leave and go to OVW because I was being tortured (By Bill and his crew), he told me that if I went there then I was increasing my chances of getting fired. Tommy Dreamer himself told me that if I called the office to report Bill that I was increasing my chances of getting fired. That Vince would just get rid of me for making any waves what so ever.

Ive been trying to scream from the mountaintops from day one, but I was crying to his friend Tommy Dreamer while they were at Bills house, sitting at his dinner table one night. How do I know this??? Bill let me know if front of the class as they laughed… Some people laughed just because they had to. They all knew it was coming that day. He had me on speaker phone!

When word got back to his favorite…in his “Circle” students or his little mob as they were called, I was actually verbally confronted by them …That was the time that Mr. Hughes( who I met through him being the trainer at WWA4…the school I was going to to sneak in extra training…and where I met Heath in Atlanta) tried to call (WWE office in confidence) for me.

After 3 months at Deep South, I didnt even know how to do and arm drag. Bill said I wasnt allowed in the ring. I told this to Mr. Hughes, and he kept telling me… “If you arent learning wrestling there…get in here and train with me kid in case you get called up!!!” So I did. Every day for 8 months straight.

As I was training with him he saw how quickly I was learning, and how dedicated i was to drive an hour to train after being killed with conditioning drills all day. I told him I was too scared to call the office, and he heard first hand what happened to me there. The day that Bill beat me in the ring to “Teach Me How To Sell For A Man” He (Mr. Hughes) called me back and told me everything was going to be ok….. When I got to practice that day it all went down.

He started telling everyone that I accused him of being a racist. That statement right there made me the heel of the century. The office was calling down to ask students about things that happened, and they all lied!!!!!!!! They Lied. I had a big “WORK” conference call with Tommy Bill and Jody Hamilton where I was also accused of “sleeping” with Mr. Hughes by Tommy Dreamer in that conference call…..(little did they know I was dating Heath) Jody Hamilton chimed in with Curtis Hughes is a CRACKHEAD! I only knew Mr. Hughes as a nice trainer. I told Tommy Dreamer EVERYTHING that Im telling you in this email. EVERYTHING… Right in front of Bill, Right to His Face, In Front Of Jody. Bill said…”I did not” to every single thing that I said. I rebuttled” Why and how could I sit here and has specific instances to pinpoint to???!” I swore to God on my life that I was telling the truth” It all did no good.They all had a pact they watched out for each other. Bill called it being in his”Circle” He told me that I could get in the circle by walking on to a LIVE set of Smackdown and getting in JBL’s limo before the show started holding a bottle of crown. He even had the bottle of Crown Royal for me to go and get in JBL’s limo with(before he got in and did his entrance). He said that I would instantly be “Over” … I consulted with Sharmell and Teddy long(who happened to walk by right after Bill made the proposal to get in his Circle), and they even said that he was trying to get me fired and told me to under no circumstances interrupt a LIVE SHOW that Vince put together, which in essence is what Bill, (my “trainer”) was asking me to do!!!!

There is also a story out this week that suggests Kevin Owens had immediate heat will Bill DeMott because he wouldn’t take his advice about how to put together his Revolution match with CJ Parker. He reportedly went “indy style” and when DeMott chewed him out, he went to Triple H who told DeMott “Owens can do what he wants.”

In some respects this also got him heat with the other NXT stars who aren’t favoured by Triple H and would be fired if they stood up to DeMott.

Mysterio Had Heat With Creative?

Rey Mysterio was on the Wrestling Observer Live this week and says one of the primary reasons he walked away from WWE was because they had no direction for his character:

I think the most taxing years I had were the beginning years. We had Raw and Smackdown guys and getting big numbers off of that. We were working 5 days a week.

After my last surgery in 2011, I came back at the end in 2012. I felt like I rushed myself. I went back on the shelf, came back and they put me with Sin Cara, and I felt like I wasn’t going anywhere. I was being thrown in to just have tag matches, there was no direction for Rey Mysterio. My contract was coming to the end and I decided to not re-sign. I wanted to take time off to spend time with my family and go from there.

If I take the next step and go to Lucha Underground, I want to take Lucha Libre global. My goal is to always make it bigger.

Victoria’s Husband Stops Armed Intruder

TMZ have released footage from the restaurant owned by Lisa Marie Varon (Tara/Victoria) in Chicago, that sees her husband slam and armed intruder.

Despite the heroic act, Varon has actually moved out of Chicago as her husband recently had an affair with an employee.

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