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Former WWE Stars Return On NXT, Why HBK vs Bryan Never Happened, Batista’s Next Role

Rhino and Brian Kendrick Return

In what appears to be a series of one time deals, both Rhino and Brian Kendrick had matches at the latest NXT TV tapings. Rhino took on Elias Samson, while Kendrick faced Finn Balor. Both matches are set to air on the show in the coming weeks.

It’s believed WWE are going to start cycling in names from the past to help put over younger stars and give NXT an “anything can happen” vibe.

Shawn Michaels On Not Wrestling Daniel Bryan

In a recent interview with Between The Ropes Shawn Michaels discussed why he never got in the ring with Daniel Bryan:

There isn’t a time that, every once in a while I will receive a text or someone will make the comment of ‘hey, we got this’. Put it this way: it’s always there for me if I want it. There’s only been probably, I don’t know, maybe one time where where you go that’s actually a pretty good idea. (laughs) But you have to be careful even about saying that, even to acknowledge that is, in fact, a good idea. You have to be quick to follow up with don’t get me wrong, I’m not doing it. I have to give you props on a good idea.

I guess from my perspective [Bryan] certainly is a good idea but it’s one of those ones, I guess from my standpoint, a good idea is one that would really intrigue me. That’s not one of those of those ones where you go ‘wow, what are the chances of someone coming up with that?’ That’s teacher – student, that’s been done, and again I’m not knocking it, I’m just saying that is not some kind of new, innovative idea. It’s just two other guys doing a very rehashed idea but we think they can do it well so it will be fun for us to watch. Certainly at its core it’s not a new and fresh idea.

Batista Playing The Kurgan?

Word is that Batista is in line for a reboot of the Highlander franchise. He’s being tipped for the lead villain role of The Kurgan (no not from the Oddities).

He’s currently filming the role of Mr. Hinx in the upcoming James Bond Spectre movie.

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