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Former TNA PR Man On Orlando Jordan Character, Next TNA HOFer, IMPACT Preview

When TNA Thought Orlando Jordan Was A LGBT Figurehead

Former TNA PR man Steven Godfrey shared another great story on about the promotion’s out of touch mentality.

TNA officials apparently thought that the sexualized and ridiculous Orlando Jordan character would open doors for them in the Gay Rights community.

Whenever Creative got really excited about something they immediately called the marketing and PR departments. Anytime they’d convinced themselves pro wrestling was going “to direct a national conversation” on anything other than pro wrestling, the ideas were always horrific. I braced accordingly.

“So he’s going to come to the ring in really effeminate colored gear. Usually pink. Then we’ll have two valets come out. We’ve already got the girl hired.”

Nothing new about that. Attractive female valets are a tenet of introducing new characters, face or heel. Guys wear pink a good bit, too. We’d even done a Breast Cancer Awareness campaign the year prior.

“Then the second one is male. He’ll be dressed like a gay club kid.”

Oh no.

“[The wrestler] knows the kid personally. This was his idea. The kid looks really young. In gay culture these are called ‘twinks,’ which is a kind of an underage male…”

Oh, no. No no no.

“…and [the wrestler] has got this one gimmick where he’s going to spray himself with lotion. He’ll hold the bottle out and it will cover his face and chest, just like he’s…”

Oh my God, no.

Another voice got on the phone, a top executive.

“So we wanted to get you in the loop on this right away. If I were you, I’d reach out right away to Out Magazine, The Advocate, and any other gay publications you can find.”


“See if they’re interested in an exclusive interview, about the cultural impact.”

TNA Announcing Next Hall of Famer

TNA will be announcing their next Hall of Fame inductee at the Slammiversary PPV in June. So far Sting and Kurt Angle have been inducted.

On the cards for tonight’s IMPACT

The following matches will take place on tonight’s IMPACT:

– TNA champ Magnus vs. Abyss vs. Samoa Joe vs. Eric Young.

– The Beautiful People vs. Brittany and TNA Knockouts champion Madison Rayne.

– Mr. Anderson vs. Samuel Shaw: Winner is the first person to lock the other in a straitjacket.

– TNA X-Division champion Sanada vs. Tigre Uno.

– MVP vs. Kenny King.

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