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Former TNA Employee Shoots On Creative, Sanada To TNA, Impact Off TV In Germany

Ex TNA Employee On Suggesting Internet Darling Be Pushed

Former TNA Director of Public Relations – Steven Godfrey – has an interesting blog on SB Nation discussing when he suggested “Chris” (an internet fan favorite) should get a push.

It’s a terrible thing, being popular on the Internet: We once had a talented young guy buried in the lightweight division. A few of our younger staffers were convinced he was destined to be an accessible, new media savvy star. Instead of wearing fanny packs and talking about the ‘roided-out 80s on FM radio to promote a weekend house show, this kid could speak intelligently on video games to web sites and bloggers and introduce the company to the next generation. And he was fire in the ring. The kid could bump, yet he and most of the guys his age were all but ignored by the company.

His ring name was Chris, so one day I got the gumption to ask Creative what, if anything, they had planned for Chris.

“Uh, yeah. He’s a good kid. Something there. You know that show I keep hearing about? ‘Everybody Hates Chris?’ I think that’s it. We should really do something about that, maybe find a way to do something with that.”

“Everybody Hates Chris” was a CW sitcom in which comedian Chris Rock narrated stories from his upbringing as a picked-on minority in a white suburb of New York in the 1970s. Our Chris was a 22-year-old white kid from the midwest. It was improv bullshit. Those infallible Hillbilly Hemingways had farted out a quick excuse in front of half of our company because they could.

Two days later I was reprimanded. A week later I stupidly approached a member of Creative and stated my case for Chris getting a push, capping it with what I would learn to be the most backhanded of compliments in that industry:

“Look, this guy is HUGE on the Internet. Our hardcore fans love him.”

“Great,” Creative responded. “Then we don’t have to do shit with him ever.”

Process of elimination would suggest he’s talking about Chris Sabin.

Seiya Sanada Getting Run In TNA

New X-Division Champion Seiya Sanada of Wrestle-1 is set to have an extended run in TNA. He’ll be debuting at Lockdown to team with Tigre Uno and The Great Muta, against Bad Influence & Chris Sabin.

Seiya Sanada TNA

Impact Loses TV Deal In Germany

TNA have lost their TV deal on Sport1 in Germany, though there’s talk that they may end up on Tele5 which actually reaches more households.

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