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Former Star Shoots On John Cena, Trish Fitness Shoe Video, Dusty Discusses His Sons

Scotty Riggs Says Cena’s Matches All The Same

Former WCW star Scotty Riggs recently told the Undisputed Wrestling Show that John Cena’s matches are always the same:

Every single match is the same, and it is sickening. Five simple moves every match. When it is time for Cena’s comeback it is the same moves, boom, boom, boom. That does not suspend any disbelief. That is what wrestlers are supposed to do, have the craft to anywhere in the match a finish can come up.

Cena has mixed himself with the Super Cena thing, which is what Vince McMahon has a hard on for, he is a good guy that is so good that it is sickening. That is why so many people don’t like him. Cena is WWE’s cash cow. When I am watching Cena I feel like I am watching a TV commercial. Everything he is doing, he is selling cereal, he is selling t-shirts, he is selling something in everything he does.

He also said Randy Orton is not connecting with fans:

Randy Orton just can’t seem to find something that fits. He’s got all the tools in the world, and every opportunity, but he is not allowed to be himself.

Trish Stratus Endorses Fitness Shoe

WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus is endorsing “New Balance” footwear. You can watch her working out and talking about the design below:

Dusty Rhodes Says Cody vs Goldust Won’t Happen

In a recent interview with the Roman Show wrestling legend Dusty Rhodes confirmed that Goldust vs Cody won’t be happening at Wrestlemania:

He [Goldust] wanted to wrestle his brother for a year. I never thought it was necessary. If you put it on Wrestlemania in New Orleans It would be a show stealer. I think everyone would like to see it, but it’s not going to happen for several reasons.

Dusty also said he was proud of Goldust’s comeback:

He fought his devil and demons. He has god’s gift. He came back in the greatest shape of his life. Being at his age and Cody being in his 20s is really cool.

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