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Former Creative Shoots On Authority Storyline, Mae Young’s Health, Cena Workout Program

Former WWE Writer Sick of Legal Storylines

Former WWE Creative Writer Andrew Goldstein, has joined and will be publishing columns on pro wrestling and more. In Goldstein’s debut column, he explains his Top eight wrestling pet peeves of 2013. Number 8 is legal storylines:

We get it, lawyers are the most hated people on the planet so it should stand to reason that if a heel threatens a babyface with a flimsy lawsuit or trots out his two-bit lawyer (David Otunga, in most cases) to back-up his dastardly cause with some threatening legal mumbo-jumbo – such acts of extreme cowardice should garner that heel, nuclear heat. Furthermore, taking legal action in a wrestling storyline should be the ultimate show of gutlessness by a bad guy – The most chicken-shit weapon in a chicken-shit heel’s arsenal. Problem is, true, ticket-selling, seat-filling, holy sh*t moment inducing heat happens when a heel operates above the law, not when he hides behind it.

The most chicken-shit heel of all time, Ric Flair never had to threaten Dusty Rhodes with an injunction prohibiting him from using his “Bionic Elbow”, instead, he simply had his Horsemen slam the American Dream’s arm in the door of his Mercedes in the Crockett parking lot.

For the kids reading, HHH shouldn’t have had to sue the Big Show to get him to stop interrupting his main events with WMD’s. Wouldn’t it have been more compelling if he enlisted the Shield or the Wyatt’s or hell, even 3MB to break the giant’s frying pan of a hand instead? (Sorry, I got carried away with that last one)

Bottom line is, wrestling used to be an outlaw sport conducted in the Wild West. Now, too often it resembles just another legal drama on USA. Sure, lawsuits and injunctions and holding titles in abeyance help move storylines along on paper, but in a wrestling ring they just get in the way.

Mae Young’s Health Deteriorating

Female wrestling legend Mae Young has been deteriorating over the past few months. She was hospitalized about a week ago with an undisclosed health issue and is now residing in a hospice care facility. Future WWE appearances are now unlikely.

John Cena Launches BodyChange Program


World Renowned Pro-Wrestling Champion Becomes Your Personal Coach To Help You Lose Weight, Get Fit, and Look Sexy.

NEW YORK, NY – January 2, 2013: Today, WWE® Superstar, John Cena, unveils a groundbreaking weight loss program for the U.S. with which users have already lost a total of over 4.2 million pounds around the world. Built on the three key pillars of NUTRITION, EXCERCISE and, most importantly, MOTIVATION, 10 Weeks BodyChange is a simple, effective, and natural way to shed the extra pounds and kick start a healthier lifestyle in the new year.

In this innovative 10-week program, Cena takes a personal approach, showing up at each “BodyChanger’s” house several times a week via online videos. Not only will the wrestling legend and fitness buff lead and teach users through preparing healthy recipe options, but he will also guide them step-by-step through each workout, providing the ultimate motivation day after day.

“After my father was diagnosed with multiple health issues due to being overweight, I was motivated to create an easy and effective regimen that would help him lose weight without compromising his lifestyle completely,” says Cena. “That’s when I discovered a program in Europe that has already helped thousands of people lose weight in a fast and healthy way. I brought this proven formula to the U.S. and combined it with my experience as a professional athlete and knowledge from my degree in Movement Studies Exercise Science. The result was the 10 Weeks BodyChange program. It helped my dad lose 46 pounds, and now I am excited to share it with other people who want to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. It’s Change Time!”

Subscribing to the nutrition plan is the cornerstone to 10 Weeks BodyChange. According to Cena, it is crucial to losing weight, but that doesn’t mean starving yourself and counting calories every day. As part of the program, Cena will share the proprietary nutrition plan he developed along with advice from expert nutritionists which users will follow for 6 days a week to help them lose weight. And for one day a week, all “BodyChangers” are encouraged to indulge in a “Load Day” and eat and drink whatever they like to help prevent any cravings.

10 Weeks BodyChange is NOT about lifting lots of weights or spending hours in the gym. The workout sessions are twice a week for 20 minutes each. Led by Cena as their personal coach, each is an efficient, full-body workout that focuses on weight loss. Appropriate for all fitness levels, the moves start low-impact and then become progressively more challenging through the 10 weeks to really drive results.

Staying motivated is often the biggest challenge in successfully losing weight. The unique advantage of 10 Weeks BodyChange, is that users receives the content in their email on a weekly basis so that it is easy to stay motivated and engaged. Unlike with a DVD program, users do not get lost with vast amounts of content but wait in anticipation for each week’s new content. And with Cena as their personal coach every step of the way, the users have a very intimate and motivating experience. He actually participates in every cooking and workout video, so the user is never doing it alone. Each member also has access to BodyChange’s SuccessTool, where progress can be tracked throughout the 10 weeks.

10 Weeks BodyChange has already launched in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland and Brazil. To learn more about the program, members can sign up for free at A complete personalized platform for 10 weeks costs $99 and arrives instantly through individuals’ online accounts.

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