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Foley Returning To TV, Lucha Underground Debuts Tonight, Hulk Hogan Wants Austin

Mick Foley’s Comedy Being Filmed

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley announced on Facebook today that one of his comedy/story telling shows at the Brooklyn Bellhouse is going to be filmed for TV. “I am absolutely THRILLED to report that on November 23rd, at the #Bellhouse in #Brooklyn NY, my one man stage show is FINALLY going to be filmed for TV,” writes the Hardcore Legend.

Foley did not reveal whether the full show will be airing, or if it’s a segment/feature on another show, nor when and where it would be airing. However this is certainly a milestone in his non-wrestling career.

One of the reasons he has not had more of a WWE presence over the past year or so is because he’s travelling multiple times a week to perform.

The one man show is described as a mix between stand-up comedy and simply the re-telling of funny and interesting backstage wrestling stories.

“Thanks to all of you who have supported my live shows – allowing word to spread, and the opportunity to tell wrestling stories for wrestling fans RIGHT THERE on your living room TV!” concludes the former Champ.

Lucha Underground On El Rey Tonight

The hotly anticipated Lucha Underground show begins its first season tonight on the El Rey network, which is available nationally on Comcast, DirecTV and Time Warner Cable. The project aims to showcase traditional Lucha Libre Mexican wrestling to the English speaking American audience.

Many well known names have already taken part in the tapings, including: Johnny Mundo (John Morrison), Chavo Guerrero, Big Ryck (Ezekiel Jackson), Aaron Aguilera (Carlito’s original WWE partner), Hernandez (of TNA fame), Catrina (NXT’s Maxine), Angela Fong (NXT), Ivelisse Vélez (last season of Tough Enough).

Lucha stars include: El Hijo del Fantasma, Blue Demon Jr., and masked female Sexy Star.

Former WCW star Vampiro and former WWE announcer Matt Striker are on commentary, and Konnan will also make appearances.

Tonight’s episode will feature:

– Blue Demon Jr. vs. Chavo Guerrero

– The Lord of Havoc (Indy star Matt Cross) vs. Sexy Star (intergender)

– Johnny Mundo (John Morrison) vs. Prince Puma (Indy star Ricochet)

The first season will revolve around the wrestlers fighting to earn $100,000 from the corrupt owner of the promotion, Dario Cueto. The one hour show will air weekly at 8pm EST.

Hulk Hogan Still Angling For Austin Match

If it isn’t John Cena, Hulk Hogan is angling for a match with Steve Austin. Speaking with the wrestling legend said:

I’ve been chasing that guy for 25 years. Stone Cold Steve Austin. I would have liked to have tagged with him. And then turn on him right in the middle of it, and then he would have had to wrestle me.

[It’s safe to say the reason this match never happened is because neither man believes they should lose. Austin has said on his podcast that Hogan would never “do business” with him. And earlier in the Summer Hogan called Austin a “constant bitch” for not doing the match. Realistically it’s probably much too late for them to put on a decent match, and Hogan’s angling is a pretty low thing to do because of that fact. He needs to acknowledge his own shortcomings instead of painting Austin as the bad guy. Out of the two Austin is more likely to be able to get in the ring, but why would he want to with a man who can barely walk?]

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