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Foley Gives WWE Advice and Trolls IWC, Bad RAW Rating, Paige’s Idols, Jericho’s Good Deed

Mick Foley’s So Called Big Announcement

Mick Foley has been confusing “internet fans” as of late with his bizarre social media musings. His so called “big announcement” turned out to be a bit of a trolling:

He also wrote a blog suggesting WWE’s recent stock fiasco may have had something to do with people believing in the Authority characters too much *scratches head*.

I’m not sure that everyone ‘gets’ that Paul Levesque and Stephanie McMahon are definitely seasoned and intelligent business people who simultaneously portray horrible bosses as on-air authority figures,” Foley wrote. “The lines are awfully blurry – and while most fans seem to understand that the real life Stephanie is that legitimately kind, caring soul we see on ‘Raw’ as the face of the “Be a Star” campaign, and other positive endeavors that the company is involved in – she can be awfully convincing when she has that mic in her hand, and is dressing down, maligning…and occasionally slapping the dogpoop out of WWE talent. Personally, I think Steph has been simply sensational as a character this year – but I’m not sure everyone ‘gets’ that she’s essentially a really nice person, doing a really good job of being really, really bad.”

Look, I don’t have all the answers, and there are probably far more factors at play than I am capable of uderstanding. But maybe, just maybe, having investors watch the Chief Operating Officer of a billion dollar company (past tense) kick the dogpoop out of a hand-cuffed employee (or Independent contractor) is not best for business as far as Wall Street is concerned.

Speaking of the stock fiasco Ademi & O’Reilly – yet another firm – are launching an investigation in to whether WWE misled investors prior to the recent TV deal.

Lowest Audience of the Year

This week’s episode of WWE RAW from London, England, drew the lowest audience of the year, at 3.763 million viewers. RAW also dropped to 5th among non-sporting events for Nielsen’s Twitter TV rankings.

Part of this may have something to do with it being on tape delay.

Paige’s Dream Opponents

Paige was asked who her dream opponents would be during an interview with the UK’s Digital Spy:

Non-wrestlers, it’d be [UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion] Ronda Rousey, because she’s a badass and she’s a big wrestling fan anyway. Wrestling-wise I’ve wrestled a lot of the girls that I’ve really wanted to, like Natalya and Emma. I’d love to wrestle Lita, and Bull Nakano is one of my big inspirations.

The Diva’s champ also discussed the importance of realism within wrestling characters:

It’s very, very important because it brings confidence. If you’re trying to be something you’re not you can see right through it. Like I said in the interview, I tried to be what I thought they wanted – I tried to be tanned, I tried the colour, I tried taking out my piercings. I tried to be a very girly girl, and I wasn’t me, and I wasn’t confident with it.

It really helped that I came along and I stuck to my guns and was like, ‘No, they’re going to see the real me’. I was happier – I looked happier because I was being me. It really shines through. You can tell, you can see it in someone’s face – their face lights up when they’re being themselves.

It’s very, very important to be yourself, and that’s the kind of message that I want to get across in my character as well. On TV, that’s the message that I want to get across to fans of all ages really: To get somewhere you just have to be yourself. Don’t ever change for anyone.

Jericho Supports Injured Fan

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