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Foley Gets DQ’d From Eating Contest, Barrett Was Supposed To Mock Punk, WWE Chat Show Returning?

Mick Foley Hides Chicken Wings

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley was disqualified from today’s “Wing Bowl 23” event from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, because he was caught hiding wings in his fanny pack!

TMZ and the The Associated Press picked up on the story, which is now being called “Wing Gate.”

It was all in good humor.

“I didn’t want that to be my legacy,” said Foley. “So I stretched the rules. I thought people would appreciate that, right here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!”

Barrett Was To Come Out To Punk’s Music

In his recent appearance on Talk Is Jericho Wade Barrett says he was originally scripted to come out to CM Punk’s theme music when RAW was in Chicago, and deliver the bad news. At the last minute WWE changed it to Paul Heyman coming out to the music.

It was in the script until about thirty minutes before the show and they pulled it. I think Paul Heyman ended up doing something similar. I didn’t have a storyline angle or important angle at that time, and Heyman and Brock (Lesnar) did.

Tuesday Night Titans Returning?

There is a push from some people backstage for WWE to bring back the Tuesday Night Titans chat show concept for the Network.

For those unfamiliar TNT ran in the mid 80s on USA, and was WWE’s answer to chat shows like The Late Show and the Tonight Show. It featured hosts like Vince McMahon and Mean Gene interviewing wrestlers on the coach, skits and comedy segments.

New WWE announcer Corey graves Tweeted:

[I would personally love this if they put the effort in. It would be a great opportunity for wrestlers like Roman Reigns to get themselves over in a different environment. Hell you could have Talking Dead elements and discuss RAW in a laid back manner with other celebrities.]

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