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Foley Associated With GFW, Masters Shoots On Cesaro, JR On Bryan’s Injury

Mick Foley Featured In New Jarrett Video

Mick Foley is featured in the latest video hyping Jeff Jarrett’s GFW promotion. He puts over independent wrestling and says he’s embarrassed not knowing talent like Kevin Steen:

Chris Masters Discusses Cesaro’s Strength

In a recent interview with the Roman Show Chris Masters had the following to say about Cesaro’s slam of Big Show:

I am pretty sure Big Show jumped for him. Not to take away anything from Cesaro he looks like a talented worker who can probably bring his work down a little bit and his body up, but that’s just my opinion. If he slammed the Big Show than I can probably press the Big Show.

JR’s RAW Thoughts

Jim Ross gave his RAW thoughts on his blog. On the Daniel Bryan situation he wrote:

Sad news to hear that Daniel Bryan has to undergo neck surgery this Thursday. As in most surgeries, no one will know the exact severity or the time the WWE World Champion will be away from the ring until the surgery is completed. All other info in this area is merely speculation at this time even though the word on the street is that the injury isn’t as serious as Austin, Edge, etc. My only advice to Bryan is to not rush back and to take no chances with a neck injury no matter how ‘good’ one may think that they feel.

JR also put over Alicia Fox’s performance:

Really loved Alicia Fox’ performance on RAW as her post match antics were eye opening and showed just how marketable the lovely young woman can be if she is cast properly and she raises her game as she did tonight. Minutes Maximized.

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  • ReallyPeople?

    GFW kind of “joint hosted” an event in Harrisburg, PA in early May and Foley was there for that as well….

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