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Fans Cancel Network In Droves, Bubba Signs Contract? Austin Interviewing Triple H, RAW Preview

#CancelWWENetwork Trends After Disastrous Rumble

Following a disastrously booked Royal Rumble that saw Roman Reigns win in a chorus of boos, that not even The Rock could curtail, the WWE Universe responded where it will hit the company hardest – their bank balance. After the event, #CancelWWENetwork trended on Twitter and the cancellation page crashed because that many people were ending their subscription out of protest.

Also an official poll on the WWE Facebook page asking if fans enjoyed the event, resulted in thousands of more negative responses than positive.

What’s most frustrating about this situation is that WWE had to see it coming, and they did not have to book the match the way they did. In hindsight including Daniel Bryan in the match was a terrible move, he should not have returned until after the Rumble and WWE should have made this clear so there was no expectations going in. Bryan’s elimination essentially gave Reigns the “Batista effect.” It’s not that people genuinely hate him, he’s just not the guy they wanted to win.

Wrestling is a work, WWE don’t need to make a situation more difficult than it needs to be. If they had the foresight to send the Rock out there to try and dampen the heat on Reigns, then they should have had the foresight to see that perhaps Reigns shouldn’t have been in that position and Bryan should have. It would be like in 1998 eliminating Steve Austin early and having D’Lo Brown win. Sure Brown was a fan favourite, but he wasn’t “the guy,” and there would have been no need to force him to be, because Steve Austin was right there. Daniel Bryan is right there!

I can’t imagine the stress Reigns is under right now, you could see that awkwardness on his face in the backstage segment with the Rock. This is a guy that has been tipped as the next Wrestlemania main event for a year. For months fans, wrestling media, and even top industry figures like Steve Austin and Jim Ross have been debating and discussing this guy’s fate openly to the public. There’s no possible way he could have lived up to the hype.

The company is now in a situation where the fans want to cheer Brock Lesnar and boo Roman Reigns. Perhaps the only way out is for Seth Rollins to cash in and win before Wrestlemania, and have the ultimate Shield showdown, but you just know WWE want Lesnar as top billing.

RAW is going to be very interesting. My guess is the fans won’t be as harsh on Reigns, but it’s not going to be a walk in the park either.

Bubba Ray Returning Full Time?

It would seem like Bubba Ray Dudley is returning to WWE full time following his appearance in the Royal Rumble, or at least has signed a Legend’s contract. In a interview he said that he’s now back “home,” which suggests it wasn’t a one time appearance.

Austin’s Next WWE Podcast

It was announced during the Rumble that Steve Austin will be doing another WWE Network special podcast, this time with Triple H. It will take place after RAW on February 2nd.

On RAW Tonight are hyping the following 5 points for RAW:

– Does Daniel Bryan have what it takes to maneuver his way back to Wrestlemania?

– Seth Rollins will rebound.

– Will Cena and Rusev clash?

– Will any other legends join Reigns’ battle against the Authority?

– Can Roman get past the giant and march toward The Beast in one piece?

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