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Fandango Returning, Hogan Calls Austin a Coward, Former Football Star Gives Tour

Fandango Back Soon

Fandango told the Liverpool Echo that he will be returning to TV soon:

I’ve been off TV for a little while, but I think in the next few weeks there will be a new Fandango coming back. It’s definitely going to be refreshing and a lot different than what you’ve seen before, so stay tuned. It will be very interesting.

Hulk Continues To Trash Talk Austin

Hulk Hogan continues to publicly bad mouth Steve Austin, trying to goad him in to having a match. During an interview with Comcast Sports Net he called Austin a “coward” and said he was “hiding under the weeds.”

Stuart Tomlinson Gives Performance Center Tour

Former UK football player Stuart Tomlinson who is now with NXT, gave Soccer AM a tour of the WWE Performance Center this week:

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  • Kay Hinriksen

    In Frankfurt a very succesfull goalkeeper made his debut in the rig with the USO´s his name is Tim Wiese and he played for germany :)

  • Nobody

    This is litterally getting more and more retarded… hogan clearly cant wrestle anymore. the “match” will be a piece of shit and an upset to everyones legacy… why is he pushing for it so much, how dumb and desperate do you have to be to try and get some limelight.. live and let die.

    • kingsnake

      He was able to wrestle in the first place?

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