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Fan Snubbed By CM Punk, JBL Denies Justin Roberts Incident, Mojo Rawley Injured

Fan Shares Negative CM Punk Story

A fan recently took to to share a run in they had with CM Punk and AJ Lee at the Chicago Blackhawks hockey game on Wednesday night. Although Punk isn’t obligated to interact with fans, the person in question was not happy with the way Punk acted:

Now I dont know if I put this is the wrong section or not but anyways. I was at the hawks game and im standing getting food and i look to my left and literally 2 feet next to me aj and punk are standing. Now I am obsessed with both punk and aj so i had a little heart attack. But what I kind of didnt like is the only think I said to them was Hey Phil can I get a picture please and he smirked and totally ignored me looking around like he was spacing the hell out. I didnt say anything else so he didnt think I was a crazy fan but dude has punk always been like this in public? It seems like hes got a stick up his ass and doesnt even want to acknowledge his fans that spent lots of money to get him super famous and rich. But at the same time I understand because I am sure he is totally sick and tired of always having people wanting photos with him and talk to him and asking him about coming back to WWE. I wasnt going to ask him that but still he shouldve at least said hi or sorry not.

Speaking of Punk he recently appeared on Colt Cabana’s podcast but did not talk about WWE.

Justin Roberts Didn’t Flip Off Michael Cole

JBL took to task rumors found on other sites that suggested Justin Roberts and Michael Cole had some kind of exchange during RAW, which may have led to the announcer’s release:

Mojo Rawley Needs Surgery?

NXT star Mojo Rawley may need to undergo shoulder surgery according to the Wrestling Observer. In storyline terms Tyler Breeze is responsible for the injury after running Mojo in to the ring post.

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  • Sean Murphy

    I don’t have any idea why he would ignore you, dude…Phil doesn’t wrestle, Punk does. I would have thrown a “who the hell is this guy talking to” look at you, too. Unless you actually know him, don’t presume the familiarity of first-naming him.

    • Nobody

      O please, after the shit with the “Dwayne” crap, loads of Punk IWC fanboys took to calling him Phil Brooks instead of CM Punk.

  • Mike

    While it could also be because of the “first-naming,” it’s been known that Punk is the kinda guy that likes privacy when he’s in public (not being approached by random fans). Brock and a few others are like that as well.

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