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Fan Jumps Rail After RAW, Security Taking Cesaro Signs, Honky Tonk Man In WWE Dispute

Fan Tries To Get To Cena After RAW

After last night’s RAW went off the air and overzealous fan hopped the rail while Cena was celebrating, and attempted to get a high five. Instead he got leaped on by security, but as he was being ejected Cena gave him a high five anyway.

Last night’s show was all about emerging star Dean Ambrose, who opened the show alongside Cena, warning him to get in line if he wanted revenge on Seth Rollins. The duo then chased Rollins out of the arena, before Ambrose went on to defeat Kane via DQ and Cena went on to defeat Orton via DQ (both by Rollins interference). At the end of the show as Kane went to unveil the cinder blocks, Ambrose jumped out from under the box to deliver more mayhem.

Also last night completely nullifying Night of Champions, Dolph Ziggler won back the IC belt from the Miz.

Legendary Memphis announcer Lance Russell was backstage visiting:

WWE Continues Fan Sign Dictatorship

WWE continues to over-police fans signs at the shows. The most recent incident was at Night of Champions when security came round and removed a series of “King of Wrestling” signs with Cesaro’s face printed on them. There was reportedly no drunkenness, nothing vulgar or offensive on the sign, and they were too small to obstruct other people’s view. The message the company are sending is that they simply do not want anything organic getting the limelight.

Dispute Over Honky Tonk Man Name

Honky Tonk Man is claiming on Twitter that WWE have been attempting to get him pulled from shows for using his name, even though he owns it. He then called them out and suggested they sue him if they think they have a case.

Without knowing the specifics it’s certainly possible that even though he owns the name promoters have been using WWE imagery and other WWE related material while promoting him.

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