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Fan Ejected For Funny Network Sign At RAW, Matt Hardy Talks State of Wrestling

Fan Ejected For Funny Network Sign

Reports out from RAW last night say a fan was ejected from the arena for having a sign that read “I could be at home watching Nitro,” with his buddy next to him holding a sign saying “… for $9.99” – this obviously a tongue in cheek reference to WWE just putting Nitro episodes on the Network.

For whatever reason WWE didn’t like this and sent in the security, and after the guy stood his ground and was confronted several times he claims he walked out of his own accord.

The fan posted his story on Reddit:

“Got kicked out of raw for the I could be home watching Nitro for $9.99 sign”

“I got threatened with arrest. They tried getting my id for records. f–k the entire company. They kicked me out because of the sign. It’s fine that I got kicked out but trying to bully me. Bring it. The piece of s–t guy in the suit with the WWE logo on his suit is a little b—h yes man for Vince. They threatened me with everything in the the book and I walked out of the arena on my own will. f–k Vince trips and Steph suck my f–king d–k you c–ts”

“They came up to me at about 9pm and we’re like give me the signs. I was like which one. They took one of the three I had and walked away 2 minutes later came back with a big black guy in a suit and asked me to follow them. Which I didn’t told them to f–k off. Which they threatened me with arrest and I laughed in their face. After about 5 minutes of time being assholes I walked to th e area where they sell everything and tried talking to them. All I got was surrounded by d–k heads in suits telling me WWE didn’t like me and wanted me gone. I refused to leave and begged them to bring the Des Moines police department so I could be taken to jail and they wouldn’t. I walked down out on my own free will after being fed up with the bulls–t f–k the WWE and their bullying”

Clearly he’s angry and was perhaps a bit more combative than the typical fan might be, but WWE are starting to build a bad track record with sign removal. There was a time when they would tout their belief in freedom of speech and fans were encouraged to speak their mind in sign form no matter how vulgar. Today it seems if you don’t completely buy in to the company-line then you’re outta there. It’s particularly hypocritical since WWE just put Nitro on the network and have been joking about the $9.99 for months.

If the guy’s story is true it’s not like his sign was offensive.

Hardy Says Wrestling Needs Better Storytelling

Matt Hardy took to Twitter last night to share his view that wrestling needs more sophisticated and believable storytelling:

I love #WWE & respect the company. WWE gave me SO much-But it drives me crazy when they insult viewers by force-feeding them absurd stories. If pro wrestling wants to be taken seriously, it has 2 be presented as fun, yet logical, to the viewer. That goes 4 EVERY wrestling company. TV’s advanced so much in terms of sophisticated storytelling. Wrestling hasn’t &viewers see thru it. I LOVE pro wrestling. In 2014, w/ shows like Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, True Detective etc, wrestling storytelling on TV has gotta step up. i.e. Walking Dead is outrageous fiction, but consistent & has continuity within its parameters. Viewers lose themselves in the WD universe. WD stays in the parameters of it’s created universe, suspending a viewer’s disbelief. Wrestling should strive 2.

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  • Dwaine

    WWE is a joke. I grew up watching WWF/WWE from the 1980s right up into the early 2000s. However, WWE has become very stale and predictable over the years. It will not be to long before the WWE is technically bankrupt due to the reality that the original die hard wrestling fans that have supported the WWE for years are now losing interest in the product, as well, the young children that now watch this half assed “sports entertainment”, do not half the financial means to keep the WWE afloat. Professional wrestling is dying an unstoppable death.

  • elizabeth

    Been watching WWF /WWE since the 80’s .,Still watching it now. The downfall sorry disagree with this A**hole Fan isn’t Vince, TripleH or Steph. The sign issue ,the storyline issue, the entertaiment of
    two guys beating the shit out of each other. is none other than Linda McMahon fault for getting into politics.

  • chill7509

    Saw on a another site, a fan that was 6 seats away said he got kicked out cuz he was throwing his sign around and was drunk and pissing everybody off.

    • ReallyPeople?

      I believe this. Last live event saw some guys not understanding why they were getting tossed and cuffed… probably because they were drunk and borderline physically threatening a young cena fan… this isn’t an Eagles game. That shit doesn’t fly

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