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Faarooq Talks WWF Debut, 10 Mania Matches That Weren’t, HHH Workout, Heyman Interview

Ron Simmons Thought Faarooq Gimmick Was A Joke

faarooqRon Simmons told WGD Weekly this week that he thought the original “Spartan” Faarooq gimmick was a joke:

We sat down and we started going over things, and we thought about how I was going to be presented in my gimmick. so, he said, ‘This is when I sat down with my team and envisioned you as.’ Now this was far from my mind, but, he pulls these drawings out and says, ‘I see you as this gladiator, as this spartan. Now, so far I’m thinking, man, this is great, I can get with that. Then he starts to show me more and more and then he says, ‘And this will be something like what you’ll be wearing, this helmet right here, it’s made out if leather.’ So, at first I’m waiting there, you know, I’m waiting for him to laugh or to joke. Because, I’m laughing at this point and I’m thinking, this guy has a good sense of humor, he is ribbing me. So, as I’m laughing, I look at his face and think, ‘Oh god, he is serious.’ So, my face goes right back to poker face right then and all I can say is, ‘You know, I think that is great. That is fantastic and it will be the best thing I’ve ever done.’ I’m thinking in the back of my mind, ‘I can’t believe this,’.

The significance of becoming the first African American World Champion in WCW:

Out of everything that I’ve accomplished in professional wrestling, that, without any doubt, tops the list. As I have stated before, once we leave this earth, man or woman, we want to be known or leave something behind that is good for mankind, period and that to me was the best gift I could’ve given, not only to my race, but to any aspiring wrestler, or anyone aspiring to do the best in anything they can. at that time there wasn’t many African Americans in the business, and then for myself to come along and be the one, while not setting out to be that one, or that trailblazer, or the first to wear that heavyweight belt. it means a lot to me. To see the other guys like Booker T, or Mark Henry who had come after me and for them to come up to me and say ‘Thank you, Ron, for inspiring me and opening the door for me to get an opportunity to pursue my dream. That’s what sums the whole thirty years of this business, that I have been in the ring, that’s what makes it all worth while.

Who he feels deserves to be in the WWE Hall of Fame that has not yet been inducted:

My brother, as I do say, at some point he definitely has to go in there. Whether it is as a tag team or as a singles, he was a world champion there and in numerous world championship tag teams there with myself, and that’s my partner, Bradshaw.

10 Wrestlemania Matches That Nearly Happened has a new feature looking at 10 planned Wrestlemania matches that never ended up happening:

– Mr. McMahon vs. Mick Foley: WrestleMania X-Seven

– I.R.S., The Headshrinkers, Rick Martel and Jeff Jarrett vs. Tatanka, The Smoking Gunns, Bob “Spark Plug” Holly and The 1-2-3 Kid: WrestleMania X

– Ric Flair vs. Hulk Hogan — WWE Championship Match: WrestleMania VIII

– Mike Tyson vs. Triple H — Boxing Match: WrestleMania X-Seven

– Razor Ramon vs. Goldust — Miami Street Fight: WrestleMania XII

– Big Show vs. Shaq: WrestleMania XXVIII

– John Cena vs. Jay Z & Fabolous — Battle Rap: WrestleMania XIX

– Kane vs. X-Pac: WrestleMania 2000

– Mankind vs. Vader: WrestleMania 13

– “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. Hollywood Hogan: WrestleMania X8

Triple H’s Insane Workout

Joe DeFranco has uploaded a new workout video featuring Triple H doing an insane 22 rep, 120lb dumbell, bench press set:

Triple H and Stephanie have both partnered with DeFranco to produce a male and female workout DVD, also featuring NXT talent.

Paul Heyman On How He Befriended Brock Lesnar

In a recent interview with Between The Ropes Paul Heyman discussed how he originally befriended Brock Lesnar:

The friendship came together when we got together professionally back in 2002 and realized just how similar our goals were both professionally and personally. On a professional level, we both want to be the absolute best at our craft. We will settle for nothing less than being at the top of our game at every appearance and we want to leave a legacy of being the single, solitary best in that particular role the industry has ever seen. On a personal level, nothing means more to either one of us than our children and we will fight to the death for our children. And everything that we do including everything we do professionally revolves around, is about and is regarding the love that we have for our children. So both professionally and personally as much as we are different, you’re talking about a South Dakota farm boy that is a natural born predator and conqueror and a smart ass New York Jew boy who’s the son of a personal injury attorney from the Bronx. But as different as we are culturally, we are in terms as professionally and personally, we are very much alike.

Heyman also discussed his long career and what he’d like to do next:

In many ways, it’s all been a flash. I still remember being the kid in the locker room with all these radical ideas that would change the industry and had all these concepts and visions of things that have never been done before. And I think the only difference is now is I’m the old guy in the locker room that has these visions and these ideas of things that have never been done before that would be revolutionary and would change the industry. I think it’s just the shell of a man that is different but I’m still the same person. I just approach it differently.

Well, I would like to do things that I can’t envision today. I look at the industry today and I understand all the many roles that I’ve played and can play and have had the opportunity to play but shouldn’t someone who wants to revolutionize or evolutionize a business, shouldn’t my goal be to figure out tomorrow something that was apparent to myself today? And shouldn’t I want to look to do something two days from now that would never have been apparent to me tomorrow?

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