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Ex-WWE Star Rosey In Bad Way, Chavo Talks Batista’s Return, Miz Praises Warrior

Rosey Suffering From Heart Problems

Rosey WWEThe Wrestling Observer is reporting that former WWE star Rosey of 3 Minute Warning and “Superhero In Training” fame is suffering from heart problems, and has had fluid drained from his body.

Meltzer’s report says that he has early stages of congestive heart failure and an irregular heartbeat. He was hospitalized with an enlarged heart, functioning at only 25% capacity.

Rosey is the older brother of WWE Superstar Roman Reigns, cousin of Umaga and member of the famous Anoa’i wrestling family.

Chavo Talks Batista’s Return, Goldust’s Comeback & More

Wrestler Chavo Guerrero made an appearance on Extra host Maria Menounos “after-show” network, AfterBuzz TV, on Monday night, where he joined the hosts of the WWE Monday Night RAW aftershow. Guerrero shared many of his opinions not only on the specifics of Monday’s RAW but also on other WWE moments and wrestlers.

Monday’s edition of RAW marked the return of Dave Batista aka “The Animal”. When asked his thoughts on Batista, Guerrero says, “If you guys know Dave, he’s got some massive legs. Maybe the [jeans he wore on RAW] weren’t skinny skinny jeans. Maybe they were normal jeans, but they look skinny on him…[Batista] looks like he’s shrink wrapped. I mean he’s so thin. The guy is in crazy shape… He’s like a genetic freak. He really is. You could work out as much as you want and never look like him. I mean, I don’t [look like him] and I work out a lot.”

Another wrestler who made a reletively recent return is Cody Rhodes’ brother, Goldust, the two of whom are now the WWE Tag Team Champions. Guerrero says of Goldust, “He’s an awesome guy and a really good wrestler from a great lineage…Very entertaining guy in and out of the ring.”

And just days away from John Cena’s rematch with Randy Orton at the Royal Rumble, there’s much speculation from fans as to who will win. But rather than speculate on the match, Guerrero divulged on a moment that he believes was the start of Cena’s superstardom. “One time, and this is a true story, we were in South Africa and [Cena] started battle rapping. He started rapping with someone and it was awesome. He went five minutes just talking about things around the room. And we were like, ‘Oh my gosh. Where did that come from?’ Tommy Dreamer heard it and Tommy took it to Shane McMahon and Shane McMahon heard it and took it to Vince McMahon and next thing you know he’s a rapper on TV…and he had already been with us six months or so. Slowly but surely he just became John Cena the superstar.”

Guerrero also openned up about his uncle, Eddie Guerrero, who passed away back in 2005. “[Eddie] was told he was a great performer, was always really really good. But he was told, ‘You’re a cruiserweight. You’ll always be a cruiserweight.’ And then when he left and got clean and sober and then came back, the fans just related with him so much and it was undeniable. They had to use him. They had to push him and he became who he was…When he passed, I would be walking in the airport and people would stop and look at me and hug me. They would give me a hug. I remember a TSA agent one time looked at my ID, looked up and looked at me. He didn’t say anything he just grabbed me and hugged me.”

Chavo says he’s very protective on Raquel Diaz, Eddie and Vickie Guerrero’s daughter, who is currently an NXT talent. “It’s really cool to see her follow the footsteps of the family…I have given advice and I’m always here for her. I don’t want to coddle her because she needs to do it. But she could call me any day and time and place and I’d be there for her. I just want to see her succeed. She’s got that Guerrero blood in her and people tell me that she’s really, really good.”

The Miz Wants Warrior At Wrestlemania

Though a portion of the audience criticize Ultimate Warrior’s moveset, The Miz told WOIO-TV CBS-19 Cleveland that he would love to see Warrior one more time at Wrestlemania:

I’d want to see Ultimate Warrior come back and give like three clotheslines and a splash. And literally run around shaking the ropes and run back. That’s all I want. All I want is to hear the music, run down, three clotheslines and a splash. 1,2,3. Run, boom, done. See ya, bye and I’m the happiest person in the world. I’ve never met The Ultimate Warrior, he’s been my favorite since I was a little kid, so I’m excited to hopefully get to meet him at the Hall of Fame.

The Miz also discussed Randy Orton’s unified titles:

It makes it a lot harder. It makes it a bigger target for that champion and it makes it even more important for this Royal Rumble coming up to win it because then you go on to main event WrestleMania and go for that WWE World Heavyweight Championship. No longer do you get a choice when you’re a Money In The Bank winner, because you’re going for that title.

Watch the full interview, including Dolph Ziggler below:

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