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Ex Women’s Champ Injured, Rock Blows Off Wrestlemania, Troops Show Air Date, Eugene Speaks

Madusa Injured In Monster Truck Accident

Former WWE and WCW Women’s Champion Madusa was injured during a Monster Truck show in Melbourne, Australia, on Wednesday. The 50 year old is known the world over for her patented pink truck.

She gave an update on Facebook:

The Rock Downplays Wrestlemania Match

TMZ caught up with The Rock following RAW, downplaying the idea that he’ll be wrestling at Wrestlemania. “I don’t think so (smiling). I might get hit in the mouth,” he said.

That being said the rumor is that he’ll be facing Triple H, and the two filmed a confrontation for tonight’s SmackDown.

WWE Tribute To The Troops 2014

This year’s episode of WWE Tribute To The Troops will air Saturday December 27th, on NBC.

Nick Dinsmore Talks WWE Developmental

Recently released WWE trainer Nick Disnmore discussed his time at the Performance Center in an interview with Shake Them Ropes:

I heard they went and looked at the New York Giants facility to see what the standard is for professional athletes, and I feel like the Performance Center far exceeds that. There’s a wide variety of talent there, from former professional athletes to actors to independent wrestlers… They’re people that can perform. It’s something special I saw at the Performance Center.

Kenta would have English class every day to help with his English. Fergal had apparently never driven a car before, so he would have driving classes. WWE was right there to help anyone who wanted to take a college course to help them with their WWE product, WWE was a very helpful company. Phenomenal.

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