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Ex-TNA Employee Talks Wasting Money On Celebs, Sarita WWE Tryout, Slammiversary Poster

Former TNA PR Man Discusses TNA Wasting Money On Z Listers

Former TNA PR man Steven Godfrey has a new blog up discussing how the promotion would waste money on celebrities:

Over the course of five years I worked with about 100 different “celebrities” who made appearances with our company. “Celebrity” meant anything from a town mayor to a musician to an athlete to a reality show star. If my bosses thought it could create a press release that even one AM radio station would pick up, they’d drop a few grand on a Z-lister, piss off the roster and sully the brand. It was always a mission for that elusive “Crossover appeal.”

On working with Joey Fatone from Nsync:

Apparently “the fat one” from N’SYNC will do anything for money. Granted, so will the rest of Hollywood’s clearance-bin members, but unlike the rest, he’s polite, punctual and happy to be working at all. And he’s not on coke, so Joey Fatone is basically a unicorn.

Fatone once hosted a live pay-per-view pre-show for our company, and I still have no idea why. Most of our staff didn’t even know he was booked until we showed up at the arena that night. I’m not sure if he knew the name of our federation an hour before we went live, and I’m not sure what adding a former boy band member to a 30-minute PPV ad did to boost the buy rate. It didn’t matter — when the red light went on, he was our biggest fan. He talked up every match as if it was Steamboat/Savage and helped hype an anemic arena turnout to the fans at home as if it was “WrestleMania III.” Fatone was so convincing and knowledgeable on camera that I thought he might actually watch our TV show. (No one watched our show, which meant he was really, really convincing.)

He goes on to talk about JWOWW, Frank Wycheck, and Andre Rison.

Former TNA Knockout Has WWE Tryout

Former TNA Knockout Sarita tried out at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando in December, according to, though it doesn’t look like anything came of it.

Before TNA she was a star in Mexico as Dark Angel.

TNA Slammiversary PPV Poster

Here is the promotional poster for the TNA Slammiversary PPV:

TNA Slammiversary 2014

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