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Evan Bourne Praises Batista, JR On Bryan, Ziggler Thanks Fans, The Shield Breaking Up?

Evan Bourne Behind Batista On RAW

Evan Bourne who noted last night that he’s close to returning, says he’s behind Batista on Twitter:

“I’m very excited and curious to see what will transpire on @WWE #RAW tonight. I would PAY to watch it with @realmickfoley….#passion”

“Honestly, I’d also love to sit with @DaveBautista and watch #RAW. I think he’s capable of more than most realize, mentally and physically.”

As well as flipping off the booing fans at the end of the Rumble, Batista also mocked the YES hand motion on the ramp-way.

JR Discusses Daniel Bryan Controversy

Jim Ross discussed the reactions of fans to ending of the Rumble on the Q&A section of

“For many fans the Rumble was perplexing. Especially for Daniel Bryan fans who are now rallying around their hero. I’m looking forward to staying tuned. I expect big days ahead for Bryan.

“How does one judge an entire storyline while it is still being played out? I’m not smart enough to do such. I do think that Daniel Bryan is more popular today and is getting much more fan attention than at any time in his career. I’m curious to see what WWE does with this matter. It’s far from over in my view.

“I think the Daniel Bryan saga is far from over and that the whole story has yet to be told. No one can ignore DB’s popularity. I’m thinking that Bryan’s more topical today than he was before the rumble based on the feedback that I’ve gotten.”

Dolph Ziggler Thanks Fans For Reaction

Dolph Ziggler thanked fans on Twitter for their reaction to his return at the PPV:

“#RoyalRumble @WWEUniverse from the bottom of where my heart should be: thank you for reminding me why i still do this!”

Ziggler was cleared to wrestler the day of the Rumble and will now be back full time, along with Sheamus.

The Shield Say They’re Not Splitting Up

Though Roman Reigns eliminated his partners in the Rumble match, Rollins and Reigns told that they won’t be splitting up.

Regardless it will certainly be addressed on tonight’s RAW.

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