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Employee Del Rio Slapped Gone From WWE, AJ Lee Wants Hell In A Cell Match, Kane Talks Beating Austin

Employee Involved In Del Rio Firing Also Gone

According to WWE Social Media Manager Cody Barbieri, who was the person Alberto Del Rio slapped before getting fired, has quietly departed the company.

It’s not clear if he was released, or the departure was mutual, but it was assumed WWE didn’t get rid of him at the time in case he filed a lawsuit – after all he was assaulted.

The generally accepted story is that Barbieri joked Del Rio should be a plate washer in catering and the former Champ took it as a racist remark and slapped him to the floor.

AJ Says Women Can Do Cell Matches Too

In a recent interview with AJ Lee says her and Paige would love to have a Hell In A Cell match:

I can tell you for sure that women like myself and Paige are down for it, and I think more than capable of hanging with the guys in that kind of scenario, because we’re insane and we like to jump off of stuff!” “I think if anyone could do it we could, but if it’s not in my generation, it needs to happen someday, and I really think women could handle that.

[I don’t see why women should be barred from the Cell, it’s not like blood or announce table spots are really a thing anymore, so there’s nothing particularly distasteful about it. If Stephanie wants to push female empowerment then there’s her opportunity.]

Kane On WWE’s Gruelling Schedule

Long time WWE star Kane was asked if the grind is catching up with him, in an interview with

Yeah I still enjoy it. The hardest part about our job is the travel. People see what we do in the ring and of course, that is physical and it is challenging. But I always find that it’s the travel which gets to me more than anything. But I’ve been fortunate that I don’t have any really terrible injuries so in that respect I’m doing very well. And I also try to keep myself in as good of shape as I can. I work out pretty much every day and I’m still feeling good after all these years.

Kane also says he still looks back fondly at winning the title from Austin:

My favorite moment was beating “Stone Cold” Steve Austin for the WWE Championship and the thing about that is- yeah, I only held it for a day but nevertheless, the next night on Raw, the match between Austin and I did the highest rating that “Raw” had drawn to that point. That felt like one of the launching points for the ‘Attitude Era.’ That was one of the points to where things shot up from there. And the fact that, you know, there I am in the ring with arguably the guy that would go on to become the most popular wrestler in WWE history and I’m part of all that- so that was a really big moment for me. There’s been a lot of other stuff of course, but that’s my favorite moment. It would be that one.

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