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Eddie Died 8 Years Ago, Raw Rating Drops, Benjamin Talks WWE Return

Vickie and Chavo Remember Eddie Guerrero

eddie guerrero deathEight years ago today Eddie Guerrero passed away from heart failure in a Minneapolis, Minnesota, hotel room. Although he’d reportedly gotten over a well publicized pain killer addiction, his heart was already weakened, and also enlarged from years of steroid abuse.

“I love you Eddie! Always and Forever!” wrote his widow Vickie on Twitter. Chavo who was the person who discovered Eddie’s body also posted a Tweet of remembrance:

“Remembering my uncle/brother Eddie today. 8 yrs since his passing. Seems like yesterday. Miss him VERY much! See u soon, hold my spot.”

“Thank u to all the ppl who are remembering Eddie today. He loved u all like family. Even the ones he wanted to punch..ya, just like Fam! :)”

Following Eddie’s death WWE instigated the Wellness Policy, though there are still some valid criticisms about its legitimacy, such as a likely Human Growth Hormone loophole.

RAW Audience Tune Out For Awesome Ending

Despite universal praise for Monday’s RAW ending, overall viewership was down from last week and fans continue to tune out for the third hour.

The show averaged 3.867 million viewers in the first hour, 3.834 million viewers in the second hour and 3.603 million viewers in the third and hour, which saw the big showdown between The Shield & the Wyatts, and Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, the Usos & the Rhodes brothers.

Shelton Benjamin Hoping For WWE Return?

The question of whether Shelton Benjamin is going to return to WWE has resurfaced again, though his answer didn’t really shed much light:

“I keep getting asked when am I going back to WWE. My answer: sooner or never, time will tell.”

Benjamin is 38 years old and WWE’s recent focus on new talent would appear to work against him, but with the successful return of Goldust who knows?

The former IC, US and Tag Team Champion, has most recently been working with ROH.

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  • Jeff Alexander

    Maybe it’s cause people who were getting back into it gave up after Danial Bryan didn’t get the belt… HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Maybe that’s why people asked for there money back for Night of Champions When HHH Stripped Bryan Of the title…..HMMMMMMMMM

    • Keelan Balderson

      But but it’s best for business Jeff

      • Jeff Alexander

        Like having a DANCER Gimmick is best for business 5 years after the popularity of “DANCING WITH THE STARS” OR Having a Mexican MATADOR GIMMICK that has NO Relivency to Pop Culture in Decades that has A shelf life as long as the REAL AMERICANS stay a tag team.. It’s like WWE hates us and is trying to get us to Hate Wrestling while they continue to lose money making Shitty movies cause they want to be a movie company but it will never happen cause they SUCK..

  • Tony Neverheat Pesonen

    8 years. wow it really doesn’t feel that long. eddie is still awesome, just watched alot of his matches yesterday.

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