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Dolph Ziggler vs Bryan At Mania? Could Reigns Join Heyman? Bubba Ray Update

Dolph Ziggler Pitches Match To Daniel Bryan

Dolph Ziggler Tweeted Daniel Bryan today suggesting they should face each other at Wrestlemania because they’d tear the house down. Bryan re-tweeted him and said he’d be up for it. Whether it will actually go ahead or not is yet to be determined.

For those that missed RAW Daniel Bryan addressed being eliminated from the Rumble in an interview with Renee:

JR Would Have Reigns Turn Heel

In his latest blog Jim Ross suggested that Paul Heyman could turn on Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania and align himself with Roman Reigns.

Lesnar was certainly booked like a face at the Rumble, so who knows? It would certainly allow Reigns time to hone his skills under Heyman without necessarily worrying about a negative fan reaction.

Roman Reigns is now in touchy situation and how he comes out of all this is going to be provocative to follow. The Rock had some of the same issues back in the day when he debuted as in the infamous :”Die Rocky Die” chants and signs we used to see. seen Reigns as a big star in the future and I’m curious to see it Sunday night’s experiences will help him in the long haul.

What if Reigns shockingly aligned himself with Paul Heyman and the two of them conspired to beat Lesnar at WM31? Stranger things have happened.

Bubba Ray Not Back Permanently

Bubba Ray Dudley confirmed in an interview with that he hasn’t actually signed with the company and for now the Rumble was only a one off:

If the WWE Universe and the WWE higher-ups want to see us here, then yes, hopefully there is a future. I really say it’s up to the fans. By the reaction tonight, I’d say the fans would love to see us back. And hopefully we can do it.

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