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Dixie Carter Says TNA Remains Profitable, Aces and Eights Disband

Dixie Carter finally starts telling the truth?

Dixie CarterIt seems the recent cost cutting measures may have kept TNA afloat, as Dixie Carter recently told Sports Illustrated that the company remains profitable.

“Once we got on Spike, we changed a lot of things and our revenues grew. We’ve been cash flow positive for the last four or five years,” says Carter. “After that point, Panda stopped putting money in the company. We’ve funded it with every dollar we’ve made and maybe that’s kept us from growing quite as fast.”

She conceded that some talent had to go to keep the business going:

“Some people were let go… They didn’t resonate. They didn’t move the needle or the contract they wanted wasn’t something that was good for this company. Sorry, but this company has to be in business in 10, 20 years from now. I have to run a company and grow it. I’m to the point right now where things have to be a certain way for us.”

In what surprised some fans even Hulk Hogan found himself cut from the company. Dixie however says his time in TNA was worth it:

“Yes, I think Hulk has been worth it. He’s opened a lot of doors for us. When you’re about to lose a deal in an international territory and one phone call from Hulk Hogan makes a man who doesn’t even speak your language melt and you get your deal back, that carries a lot of weight. There’s not another guy out there who could do that.

“If we did anything wrong with him, we used him too much on television. If he stayed with us, you’d probably see less of him.”

Dixie also discussed not being financially prepared for taking Impact on the road:

“We went on the road thinking if we could sell 1,500-2,000 tickets, we’d be good. We went in with a very conservative budget. We didn’t come out here thinking we’d sell out arenas. The truth is we exceeded those budget numbers. We hit our revenue numbers, but we overspent when it came to loading out of the Universal studio. There was a two-month overlap that cost us… I think we’ve learned a lot from this. We learned that the show has to be shaken up, not the venue.”

Wow is Dixie actually being open with the fans? Why couldn’t she have done this from day one instead of sugar coating everything and then making herself look stupid on TV? There’s a lot more in the interview, including insight in to her family’s rise and Panda Energy.

Her closing remarks are quite interesting:

Dixie still gets tweets daily from disenchanted fans who write, “Thanks for running TNA into the ground,” but she can read them with a smile and a chuckle and think, “Thanks, darlin,” in her sweet Southern twang.
“I want them to say those things,” said Carter, with a wink. “That means I’m doing my job — without really running the company into the ground, of course.”

She still doesn’t seem to understand that playing an incompetent business woman on TV, at a time when fans are unsure of the company’s future, is probably not best for business. Though at least now she’s finally being honest about the business itself. Unless of course it gets sold tomorrow.

Aces and Eights Come To An End

As per this week’s Turning Point themed Impact, the Aces and Eights must disband as Mr. Anderson defeated Bully Ray. During the match Anderson managed to salvage a poor hammer throw from Brooke, allowing him to hit Bully and connect with the Mic Check for the pin.

It’s not immediately clear what’s in store for Knux and Garrett Bischoff, though it’s possible they’ll continue as a tag team.

November 21, 2013, TNA Impact Results

– World Heavyweight Championship Tournament: Magnus defeated Samoa Joe in a Falls Count Anywhere Match.

– TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim defeated Candice LeRae (the First lady of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla).

– World Heavyweight Championship Tournament: Bobby Roode defeated James Storm in a Florida Death Match when Gunner threw in a white towel.

– EC3 defeated Shark Boy.

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  • Justice

    I do not believe a word this woman says. I like how she said we’ve been cash flow positive for the past “4 or 5 years”. That would peg things right when she dumped Jarrett and brought in Hogan and Bischoff to run things. Anyone in their right mind can see that, that point is when the budget exploded! Hogan and Bischoff brought in a ton of their old high priced buddies, and kids, and even when that phased out, during this time PPV buy rates amd merch sales plummeted like a lead balloon. Then the final nail was the disaster of leaving universal studios to take the show on the road. They basically released half the roster to try and stop the financial bleeding! This woman is ridiculous instead of telling lies I wish she would just not comment on certain things.

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