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Dixie Carter Reality Show? AJ Styles On Recent Botch, Angle Accepting HOF In UK?

TNA Working On Dixie Carter Reality Show?

Dixie Carter reality show

Several sites are reporting that TNA are rumored to be working on a reality show based around Dixie Carter. The TNA President auditioned for The Real Housewives of Nashville several years back but didn’t make it on to the show.

It would seem Carter believes a show based around her will pull in outside viewers to Impact. If not, why increase the workload, when the focus should be on improving the core wrestling product?

AJ Styles Discusses Roderick Strong’s Injury

In a recent interview with Live Audio Wrestling AJ Styles discussed the botched Styles Clash which injured Roderick Strong in his ROH return:

As far as I know, he’s okay, he’s fine. He didn’t seem real badly hurt at the time after the show. I think he’s okay, but I haven’t heard anything. I can tell you this – the same way that I’ve been giving it for thirteen years is the same way that I had done it on Saturday. Everything was great on my part; there was no slip, there was no accident by me. There was nothing that I did that went wrong. If it sounds like I’m putting all the blame on Roddy, it’s because I am. He would probably tell you the same thing. It’s probably one of the safer moves in wrestling to take. I don’t know if Roddy freaked out, I don’t know exactly what happened. It’s not a reckless move. Sometimes people do crazy things that you don’t expect, and that was one of them. There’s one way you don’t want to tilt your head, and that’s forward. You can tilt it any other way you want, except forward. Any time you take a face bump, you know not to tilt your face forward.

Kurt Angle To Accept HOF Induction In The UK

Kurt Angle told the UK’s Sunday Brunch show that he will be accepting his TNA Hall of Fame induction at the Wembley, London, Impact taping.

There are some things I wanted to accomplish before accepting induction into the TNA Hall of Fame, and now I’m ready. I’m thankful I have been able to do this in my own time. The phenomenal wrestling fans in London will be part of this memorable and emotional night this Saturday.

Wembley is such a storied venue, and with thousands of fans it will be a perfect setting for the induction ceremony. A majority of my life has been dedicated to achieving success as a wrestler. Being inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame is an accomplishment and an honor I will forever cherish.

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