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DH Smith Shoots On WWE, Maddox Defends DeMott, Uhaa Nation WWE Update

WWE Ignoring Past Experience?

Former WWE star Harry Smith wrote a Facebook blog calling out WWE for not liking wrestlers with independent experience:

Well I love to hear how WWE doesn’t like hiring talent with “prior experience” since their awesome system can “develop” and gel guys into what they want them to be. I’m pretty sure Dana White is doing the same….Dana probably routes around in his Hummer and purposely and intentionally picks out guys who have never been in a scrap before. Because the UFC can teach them and make them a great fighter. Completely forgot about their past and all that because the experts know. Just word of the day ;)

Brad Maddox Defends Bill DeMott

Uhaa Nation Now Signed?

It’s now believed indy star Uhaa Nation has passed his WWE medical and signed with the company. He lost a “Loser Leaves Town” Match at Saturday’s Preston City Wrestling event. Afterwards he announced that he was going to WWE.

Nation had at least two WWE tryouts and reportedly impressed because he has a muscular build, but also a lot of agility.

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