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DH Smith Hospitalized, Taz Talks ECW Exposed, Finlay’s Son A Wrestler, Madusa In HOF?

DH Smith Has Severe Tonsil Condition

Harry “DH” Smith had to cancel some UK appearance after being hospitalized with a severe tonsil condition. He wrote on Facebook:

I have the unfortunate news to my fans in UK and Wales that I will not be at this weekend comic convention in Wales with FPW.
I had to go to Emergency at 4 am with breathing complications, from tounsilitis. Also have sever trouble speaking, and swallowing. With more medical attention I have learned it is a peritonsillar abscess behind the tounsil. Inflaming my Tounsils, throat and causing problems with breathing swallowing and talking. I have been in the hospital all day – real fun, and don’t feel any better. Tomorrow I will be needing an incision to drain the puss, and more anti biotics via IV.

I hope to be back in action soon wrestling. Right now I can not do anything.

Taz Shoots On ECW Critics

TNA’s TAZ took aim at the critics who recently mocked TNA for using the ECW name in New York, and called the former company irrelevant.

Paul Heyman replied suggesting far from being irrelevant, the ECW name had been exploited, which in a way could be a shot a TNA:

The ECW Exposed show that airs after RAW on Monday will feature interviews with Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho, Shane Douglas, Psychosis and 2 Cold Scorpio.

Finlay’s Son Profiled

The Belfast Telegraph recently profiled David Finlay, Jr. the son of Fit Finlay.

Lance Storm Praises Madusa

In a new blog on Lance Storm argues that Madusa should be in the WWE Hall of Fame:

When you compare Madusa’s 17 yr career (14 yrs in major promotions) to those already in the HOF, how can she not be a viable candidate?” Storm wrote in a commentary on his official website. “The only reason I can come up with to deny her, her spot in the WWE HOF is possible heat left over from her dumping the WWF Women’s Title into the trash on WCW Nitro. While I can see that being a sore spot, WWE has since employed Eric Bischoff, the guy who hired her and made her do to it. Hulk Hogan has also been welcomed back into the fold and given his rightful spot in the HOF, and certainly his role in the Monday Night WAR against WWE was much more damaging than Madusa’s.

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