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Dewey Robertson “Missing Link” Dead At 68

Missing Link Dewey Robertson

February 28, 1939 – August 16, 2007

On August 16, 2007 Dewey “Missing Link” Robertson died at Hamilton’s Henderson Hospital at 3:30 a.m from Cancer. All of his close family were present at the time. His final days saw his visitors read out many get well email messages from fans who still remembered The Missing Link. He broke the mold regarding recent wrestling deaths because although 68 is not a great age, it was cancer that killed him not the wrestling culture.

In Canada he was one of the Top guys, a clean cut babyface with handsome good looks and a Canadian Heavyweight title holder. In the US he was a mid carder considered bland and nothing special. That was until…the Missing Link was found.

Link wrestled for several promotions getting most fame from WCCW and the WWF. It was during his wild run in the WWF that he got on to the cover of Sports Illustrated a huge feat at the time.

Like a lot of wrestlers his personal demons caught up with him as he drank away one of his Kidney’s in 1993. In his book it is claimed the kidney failed because of his prolonged use of marijuana.

After dropping out of wrestling, Robertson lectured to Ontario schools and businesses on drug and alcohol dependency in hope of balancing out his life.

He is survived by his wife and son Jason Sterling, who wrestles in southern Ontario Canada.

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    the missing link aka dewey robertson will be missed r.i.p (

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