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DDP Inducting Jake? Austin Says Wrestlers Scared To Speak Up, JR Agrees

DDP Inducting Jake Roberts At HOF?

Jake Roberts Tweeted that the person inducting him in to the WWE Hall of Fame “should be obvious”, which suggests it will be DDP.

Either way DDP has said he’ll be with Jake all night in case he’s tempted by the celebratory atmosphere.

Jake joins the Ultimate Warrior and Lita in this year’s class.

Steve Austin Documents His Time Backstage At RAW

In his latest podcast Steve Austin discussed his time backstage at Monday’s RAW.

Austin said a lot of wrestlers are too afraid to speak up in fear of pissing off management, and remained very professional while he was there. He said Cena encourages people to fight for his spot and is looking for new opponents to step up. Austin also said he believes Rey Mysterio was booked as Number 30 at the Rumble because he has heat and they knew he’d get booed.

While backstage Austin recorded future podcasts with John Cena, William Regal, Big Show and Zeb Colter.

JR Discusses Talent Not Speaking Up

Going along with what Austin said about talent not speaking up, Jim Ross encouraged them to do so in his latest blog:

If any wrestling company fosters a backstage environment that does not encourage their talents to speak up and get more involved in their careers from a presentation and creative standpoint, that company is asking for hard times. In ring participants like to perform and to create or they wouldn’t be in the biz. If one is a performer then they likely have an above average abundance of creativity. Any show business entity that stifles creativity from their performers is myopic.

Talents cannot be afraid to speak up but unfortunately because of the shrinking number of places a talent can work and earn a decent living the “don’t rock the boat” philosophy seems to permeate the wrestling business.

That’s not healthy for anyone involved.

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