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David Benoit’s First Ever Interview, Hulk Staying After Mania, Would Lita Wrestle?

David Benoit Confirms He’s Training To Wrestle

David Benoit – the eldest and surviving son of Chris Benoit from his first marriage – had his first ever interview this week and confirmed that he’s training to wrestle. He has is sights set on WWE and has no interest in TNA.

I explored WWE’s tough decision where this is concerned in an article a few weeks back.

Credit to Mitch Smith of TheWrestlingGurus

In the interview David said he believes his father should be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame because of his career and you’ve got to focus on “pros more than the cons.” He confirmed that he’s still good friends with Chris Jericho.

He said Harry Smith – who he’s trained with – never got a fair break in WWE.

Interestingly David also said Chris Benoit’s final paycheck was not passed on to the family.

Hulk Hogan Sticking Around After Wrestlemania

Hulk Hogan will be sticking around after hosting Wrestlemania, and is booked for the SmackDown tapings on April 8th.

His deal is believed to be long-term, and he’ll be working on a variety of projects. It seems to be the “ambassador” role that Ric Flair turned down when he “retired”.

Lita Could Be Talked In To Wrestling Again

Lita told the Miami Herald a return to the ring is not on her mind, but she could probably be talked in to it:

The only thing when I get asked about giving one more match is more just to prove it to myself. I do feel really great and really strong. I had some nagging injuries for a really long time after I retired that I guess I will have to live with for getting beaten up for so long. I do feel really great and feel really strong, so that would be more the reason why I would want to get back out there one more time to prove to myself I can still do all the stuff. As far as getting an itch or anything active, I’m super happy where I am and proud of my accomplishments. It’s not really something I feel like I need to do, but if my arm was twisted at the right time, I could probably be talked into it.

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