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David Benoit Debut Postponed? GFW Fantasy Draft, Kofi Himself Was Behind Jamaican Gimmick

Heat On Smith Hart For Debuting David Benoit Too Soon

There is reportedly some heat on Smith Hart of the Hart Legacy promotion for attempting to debut David Benoit without adequate training, so much so that his appearance in July may not be going ahead.

Chavo who Benoit was scheduled to team with was under the impression that he had enough experience to get by, but Chris Jericho confronted Smith and it turns out Benoit has never had any formal training. Photos of him with Harry Smith and Chris Masters were from work outs, not wrestling sessions, and though he once enquired about joining Lance Strom’s school, he never followed through.

It seems there was some pressure from Smith Hart on Benoit to make the appearance, and Smith told Jericho that they may just do an angle, without any actual wrestling – which itself is false advertising.

Chavo has since cancelled his booking, and Benoit’s appearance is up in the air.

Interestingly however he did appear on the Wrestling Gurus show last Friday, hyping his debut:

Jarrett Announces Fantasy Draft For GFW

Jeff Jarrett’s GFW announced the following on Facebook:

All right, GFW fans. Here’s your chance to get involved. We want your input. We know you’ve already been thinking about the possibilities:

“What if (insert name here) joins the Force?”

The NFL draft starts Thursday, but the Global Force Wrestling fantasy draft starts on Monday. Put on your general manager hat and put together a list of five wrestlers, four male and one female, that you would make your top picks. Post your list on our Facebook page or on Twitter using the hashtag #GFWGM.

The only other instruction besides four men and one woman is to confine your choices to independent wrestlers.

The GFW Fantasy Draft 2014 runs through Sunday, May 11, which coincides with the final day of the NFL Draft

Kofi Says He Came Up With Jamaican Character

In a recent interview with Music Recall Magazine Kofi Kingston said it was he himself who came up with the Jamaican gimmick:

It was something that I came up with on the independent scene. It was funny because I was kind of just joking around in one of our classes. And then everyone in the class was like ‘oh, you have to do that, it’s so entertaining.’ So that’s the route that I went. And like I said I don’t have any regrets about it or anything because it was what got me noticed. One of the main things about being a WWE Superstar is having an ability to stand out. We have a lot of different people on the roster – whether it be your size, your look, your attitude, the way you talk, your athletic ability – you have to find a way to stand out. And if you’re able to do that then you do have a shot at being a WWE Superstar.

Kofi also discussed possibly changing his current character:

Well, I think character development is definitely very important in terms of longevity in the WWE. The guys who last the longest are the guys who have a rollercoaster of just personality and different stories and where it takes you. I have no idea what the future holds. I think it would definitely be fun to explore some other options. But until then, I’ll do whatever the company asks of me and be wherever they need me to be. Just take it one day at a time and see what happens.

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