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Darren Young Barred From Abu Dhabi, David Benoit Prefers TNA, Dusty Rhodes On RAW

Gay Wrestler Barred From Tour

WWE star Darren Young, who is openly gay, has effectively been barred from the upcoming tour of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, because homosexuality is a crime there. WWE made the decision not to risk bringing him along.

Young took to Twitter last night to vent his frustrations with the country’s culture, which was also a jab at WWE:

Why do we bring the best entertainment into a country like abu dhabi and they look down upon women and gays? I get it! #MillionsofDollars

That Tweet was soon deleted and WWE released the following statement:

WWE does not discriminate against individuals regardless of age, race, religion or sexual orientation, and we continue to proudly support Fred Rosser (aka WWE Superstar Darren Young) for being open about his sexuality.

Unfortunately, WWE cannot change cultures and laws around the world, and thus we did not send Fred Rosser to the United Arab Emirates for our upcoming events for his own protection.

WWE also fully supports Fred Rosser’s right to express his views on personal social media accounts rather than WWE’s corporate platforms.

Young then claimed that WWE were stifling his free speech:

My freedom of speech is gone. Gone but not forgotten.

[WWE make me chuckle sometimes. They are so obsessed with their public image that they end up drawing more attention to negative situations than if they’d just shut their mouths and move on. They look like they’re being heavy handed with Darren Young, and in an attempt to appease any backlash in the UAE, they’ve actually just insinuated that they’d change their laws if they could.]

David Benoit Prefers TNA Over WWE

In a recent interview with Guru Talk David Benoit said he prefers TNA over WWE.

WWE you could say kinda killed my passion for wrestling. It’s just not the same anymore. TNA on the other hand, they have wrestling. Just last week, when they had that Lethal Lockdown, [it was] James Storm and I forget against The Hardy Boys. Jeff was on top of the cage door, James Storm moves on top, hits him with the cowbell, Jeff fell off the door, hit his back on the steps [and] bounced up and hit the floor after… that was a huge nasty fall, man.

I think there needs to another company that challenges WWE… You watch these matches these days, they’re about 10-15 minutes these days? Half are talking half of the time. They don’t even commentate the matches, which is sad in my eyes. The whole point for the commentators is to make the wrestlers look good in the ring and tell a story. You can hear them joking around on commentary these days, which is just a joke.

David also discussed his father working injured over the years and how in his era it was a badge of honor:

My dad would go out there hurt every night. You get hurt and you go out there and perform every night. He gave it 120% every single night.

Sadly it was likely that mentality that caused Chris Benoit’s brain damage.

Dusty Rhodes Involved In Sons’ Storyline

WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes is set to appear on RAW as part of the ongoing storyline between Stardust and Goldust. He wrote on Twitter:

This Monday night on Raw I will be there, and the Boys and me will get these hard times on the Rhodes family over!

Speaking of Dusty he recently gave Triple H a very interesting gift:

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