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Daniels Talks MVP In TNA, Taryn Gives Birth, TNA At Arnold Classic

Daniels Discusses Recent TNA Changes

TNA star Christopher Daniels recently spoke with The Rack about the new talent coming to TNA. He said:

I think it’s a great time to be a TNA fan, because when you see guys like MVP come to TNA; you see guys like Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards (The Wolves) entering TNA, you just got to be happy with the possibilities, the unseen match-ups that so far haven’t been seen and you’re going to get a chance to see them. Not long ago Bad Influence and the Wolves had their first match on television. I told everyone after the fact, on Twitter, that that wasn’t going to be a one-and-done; I’m sure there’s going to be more opportunities for us to try our best against Davey and Eddie and the winner of that match is definitely going to be the fans.They are going to be watching some of the best tag-team wrestling in the world when Frankie and myself get our hands on Davey and Eddie once again. And now that they are the World Tag Team Champions, I foresee gold in our future once again.

I absolutely think TNA is moving in the right direction. I feel like we’ve been on a roll ever since we’ve gotten back from the U.K. All the television that we’ve been doing, the stuff taped overseas went very well so far, so it’s going very well especially with Bad Influence in the fold. Like I said, we’re the most entertaining part of this roster and as long as we’re doing that dance down the aisles, you can be assured that TNA is the television that you should watch.

Daniels also discussed recent UK tour:

It was a very difficult tour in the sense that logistically in that we were traveling a lot. We had very little time down time; we arrived in Dublin, had a show the next day, and then the next day flew right to Scotland and went right from the airport to the building to hit our show in Glasgow. Then, that night, we drove from Glasgow, Scotland to Manchester, England and spent many hours on the bus, got in late and got up early the next day to do the show in Manchester, then drove to London to do Wembley, so we spent a lot of time on the bus and did a lot of traveling to get from place to place and get those five shows done in five days but the good thing about is we were all together. We definitely, as a team, put out some great television and did some great shows and had a great response from the UK crowds which is one of our most ardent support groups, the UK fans. Absolutely, every time we go over there, they’re some of the most enthusiastic fans that we wrestle in front of, and the chance we get to go and do TV in front of them again, like we did last year, it definitely adds to the presentation of our product. So, I feel that’s always been a highlight for our year, to go over there and do the UK tour.

TNA Knockout Gives Birth

TNA Knockout Taryn Terrell has given birth to a baby girl. Congrats to her!

Kurt Angle And Others At Arnold Classic

Kurt Angle, Velevt Sky, Matt Morgan, Mark Henry, Bruno Sammartino, and MMA legend Randy Couture were out for this year’s Arnold Classic expo. Check out the photos below:

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