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Daniel Bryan’s Status, AJ Lee Taking Time Off, Pic Of Barrett’s Welted Back

Daniel Bryan off TV Until Extreme Rules?

Following the angle on last night’s RAW, that saw Bryan “sent to the hospital” at the hands of Kane, it’s possible he’ll be kept off TV until the Extreme Rules PPV. This would give him some time to grieve for his father, who passed away while he was on his honeymoon with Brie.

Nikki posted the following on Twitter:

On the storyline front, Jim Ross posted the following on his blog:

The Bryan-Kane segment was a memorable start to the program and plants a vivid seed for their match at Extreme Rules. I expect this match to outperform many fan’s expectations…

Some Twitter followers @JRsBBQ are already growing weary of Daniel Bryan being WWE Champion as their logic is now that the undersized, highly skilled wrestler has won the title there’s nothing left for him to conquer of which I find to be extremely misguided. Some might even say that theory is downright stupid.

Bryan is and always will be the physical underdog in 99% of his bouts and if the announcers tell a timely and fitting story, DB will be a WWE World Champion who will go into the vast majority of his Title Bouts as the underdog. If that isn’t a sellable story, then I don’t know what is.

When a scenario finds the ‘hero’ in jeopardy, it is generally a good thing in the genre of pro wrestling as it relates to telling a story both in the ring and at the announce table.

I also said that Bryan got over organically which is the best way possible and he will stay over if he continues to be positioned as I just described and he maintains his high standard of bell to bell excellence. The Champion’s biggest challenge is to continue to improve on his mic work and I expect that he recognizes such and will continue to address that phase of his game. Nonetheless Daniel Bryan is a credit to the business and WWE, or any one else, can’t get too many performers with his character and professionalism.

Hopefully Daniel Bryan’s reign as the WWE World Champion will be longer than the cup of coffee that many of his fans fear but I do think it is inevitable that Brock Lesnar will be the next top dog in WWE and a Lesnar-Bryan match at Summer Slam would be a great attraction.

AJ Lee Off Until European Tour

AJ Lee is not advertised for any dates until the European Tour in mid-May. It would appear she was granted some time off, though there are no reports of injuries.

Wade Barrett Posts Picture of Back

Wade Barrett Tweeted a picture of his welted back, following his match with Sheamus on RAW:

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