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Daniel Bryan Update, Sunny Hospitalized? SmackDown Taping News and Spoilers

Daniel Bryan Back Next Week

Daniel Bryan’s current schedule will see him return on Monday’s RAW ahead of Extreme Rules. He has however been pulled from the house show loop so he can spend time grieving with his family. The attack by Kane was used as a way to give him a short break.

Bryan’s father sadly passed away while he was on his honeymoon with Brie.

Sunny In And Out of Hospital

Original WWE Diva Sunny noted on Twitter that she’s been in and out of hospital:

The Hall of Famer currently offers Skype chats to fans for a fee, and will also send old nude photos for $40.

Spirit Squad Member Works SmackDown

Thanks to David Litrenta for sending along this live SnackDown notes:

Advised: SPOILERS!!

Main Event and Dark Matches:

– DARK MATCH: Bo Dallas beat Mike Mondo (of Spirit Squad fame) after a “Bo-lieve” promo (which got great heat).

– Big E beat Del Rio and then Bad news Barrett cut a promo on him and the crowd.

– Hornswoggle beat El torito (horrible, hard to watch match. But we all know Vince loves Midget wrestling).

– Sheamus beat Titus O’neil with the Brogue kick (Titus looked impressive and the crowd was equally split for Titus and Sheamus).

– Ryback beat Jimmy Uso (decent, but nothing great. Crowd gave a few UCE -O chants, nothing more).

– DARK MATCH: Sami Zayn (El Generico) beat Heath Slater (best technical match of the night. Quite a few “Ole” chants. Zayn is already over with live crowds).


– First off, the original main event was scratched due to Bryan not being there due to his father’s death. (storyline Kane’s vicious attack.) This (I assume) led to Bryan, Kane, and Evolution all not appearing as advertised.

– Opening segment was a debate between Heyman w/ Cesaro and Zeb Colter w/ Jack swagger, with Vickie as moderator. Vickie announces the main event of The Shield vs. 11 superstars.

Basically, Zeb asked Heyman why he stole Cesaro from him, to which Heyman (in a very sub-par performance in my eyes) retorted by saying he was the 1 behind the 21-1 in 21-1 because of his client Brock Lesnar. It eventually broke down after some amusing back and forth and Heyman and Zeb “got into it.” This led to Swagger vs. Cesaro.

– Cesaro beat Swagger after a 10 spin swing and the neutralizer. (Cesaro looked great as did swagger, but the crowd just isn’t buying this feud).

After the match, the shield stormed the ring and laid out Swagger, one of the 11 opponents, with the powerbomb.

– Tamina beat Natalya. (yawn)

– The shield destroyed 3MB backstage, taking out 3 more of their 11 opponents.

– Vickie gets relieved of duty on the phone by the Authority and replaced for the night by Brad Maddox.

– Curtis Axel beat the Jey Uso. (basically saw this during Main Event broadcast, so I left to get an adult beverage and use the restroom. 0 heat and 0 crowd reaction. Axel seems to be a charisma black hole).

– The cage dropped and the Wyatts entered. Then Bray cut one of the best promos I have seen in a long, long time. The atmosphere was perfect, his delivery was amazing, and his style had the crowd drawn completely in and eating it up. This culminated with Bray climbing the cage and getting the whole crowd (including myself, the mark I am) to sing “He’s got the whole world in his hands.” (I really can not understate the reaction these guys are getting. I don’t know what TV will show, but the crowd was eating this up, torn between cheering and boos, hanging on every word).

– During what will be a commercial break, Wyatt starts screaming at a Teenage Cena fan in the front row from the top rope in a hilarious exchange. Poor kid was making the “you can’t see me gesture” while looking like he was going to wet himself.

– Wyatt family beat the Rhodes brothers after a discus clothesline by Luke Harper. (pretty good match. The luster seems to have worn off the Rhodes boys, but the style of the Wyatts and Bray cutting mid match promos stole the show).

– The shield destroys Maddox Backstage. (they throw him behind a couch and Ambrose lets loose with some weird looking, and entertaining, offense).

– Emma and Santino vs Fandango and Layla never happens due to the Shield hitting a powerbomb on Fandango off the stage through a table. (Santino is still hilarious as the dopey guy, but Emma just looks awkward. And having seen many a live event, including quite a few in ECW arena, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a table spot sound so quiet on impact. I mean, I know you have new safety measures, but it sounded like he landed on a piece of wood laying on some pillows. But the crowd is getting quite into the Shield by this point).

– The Shield defeats ADR, Wade Barrett, Ryback, Titus O’Neil, and Damien Sandow. (this match was the usual cluster of crap. Someone said Axel was there, but I didn’t see him, or maybe willingly blocked him out, but I counted multiple times and only saw 5 guys. Had a cool spot where the shield is rolling and ADR and Barrett decide to leave, but Reigns runs through the crowd onto the stage and cuts off ADR with a superman punch on the stage. After the show cuts out, the Shield stayed for a while and got the crowd going).

– Not sure where the show will cut, but after the Shield victory, the arena went dark and made the “Wyatt Cut scene noise” and when the lights came up, they were standing at the bottom of the ramp. They brawled, with the Wyatts laying out the Shield to cheers, then the Shield rallies and runs off the Wyatts, also to cheers.

– Misc note: there were TONS of vignettes for both Adam Rose (Leo Kruger) and Bo Dallas. TONS.

– All in all the show was ok. The crowd was pretty mild for a Hershey crowd, more than likely because they were all up for seeing Bryan, who couldn’t be there. It seemed like the whole event was thrown off by that and WWE just kind of threw things at the wall to see what would stick. But If you watch for only one reason, watch for Bray Wyatt cutting his promo.

– If there was one thing that was very apparent though, it’s that the WWE landscape is gearing up for a change of the guard. Tons of younger or mid-card guys getting time, along with bringing up established Indy talents, and pushing the Shield and the Wyatts to levels.

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