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Daniel Bryan Stripped of WWE Championship on RAW

Triple H strips Daniel Bryan of the WWE Championship on RAW

Following Daniel Bryan’s fast count victory at Night of Champions he was stripped of the WWE Championship by COO Triple, in front of a frustrated crowd at the Q Arena in Cleveland, Ohio.

RAW opened with the new Champ basking in YES chants, but the celebration was soon cut short when Triple H stormed to the ring to address the controversy. He said social media has been abuzz with the ending of the PPV, and he’s not wrong. It was clever of WWE to not make mention of the fast count publicly, as it led to many of us speculating about what we may have seen, which in turn built intrigue for RAW.

The Game hypocritically called Bryan’s win tainted – as if Orton’s stealing of the title was any more admirable – and demanded referee Scott Armstrong come down to explain himself. Lost for words, the veteran official simply said he didn’t know what happened and that it was a mistake. His biggest mistake however came when he whispered to a bewildered Bryan “They got us Daniel”.

With that Triple jumped to the conclusion that this must have been a conspiracy concocted between Bryan and Armstrong and proceeded to “hold up” the belt until further notice. “You’ve embarrassed yourself,” Hunter patronizingly proclaimed.

Bryan was not the only one angered and confused by the situation. Former champion Randy Orton hit the ring to help Triple H reacquire the belt, but it wouldn’t automatically revert back to “the face of the WWE.” It seems the McMahon-Helmsley power couple were frustrated that their puppet couldn’t get the job done at the PPV and backstage Stephanie hinted that unless she sees the old maniacal “sick bastard” Orton, they may just have to find a new stooge to carry the company.

This manipulation worked perfectly when later on in his match with The Miz, the Viper snapped and destroyed the hometown hero in front of his family at ringside. Immediately taking things to the outside, to cause a 10 count, Orton delivered a vicious DDT on the floor and then proceeded to trap Miz’s neck in a chair, crushing his throat with a knee-drop. Be careful what you wish for Stephanie!

In the final segment of the show Bryan valiantly fought Roman Reigns of the Shield, but the match soon came to a no contest when Orton continued his rampage. However before the Viper could attack Bryan with a chair the WWE locker room finally plucked up the courage to do what’s right and even the odds!

What’s next for Daniel Bryan and the WWE Championship?

There are still many unanswered questions coming out of this week’s RAW. It’s unlikely that Bryan really did plan the finish of Night of Champions with Scott Armstrong, which begs the question, was he working alone in a naive attempt to deliver justice? Or was this some kind of string pulling by puppet master Triple H to prevent Bryan from regaining the title? Presumably it wouldn’t take much to compromise the aging Scott Armstrong in to doing the dirty deed and then implicating Bryan on RAW.

September 16, 2013, WWE RAW Results

– Triple H stripped Daniel Bryan of the WWE title.

– Stephanie challenged Orton to bring back his vicious side.

– Dolph Ziggler def. US Champion Dean Ambrose in a non-title match.

– Fandango def. R-Truth with the top rope Legdrop.

– Stephanie McMahon created a sick choice for WWE legend Dusty Rhodes, where he could only choose one of his sons – Goldust or Cody Rhodes – to be reinstated. Refusing to take part, Stephanie added another twisted layer to the game by forcing Big Show to choose between knocking out The Dream himself or letting The Shield give him an even worse beating. Reluctantly the Giant chose to deliver a KO Punch, sending the Hall of Famer to a local medical facility, with neither of the Rhodes sons being reinstated.

Big Show spears Dusty Rhodes

– Brie Bella & The Funkadatyls def. Layla, Alicia Fox & Aksana.

– Rob Van Dam def. Damien Sandow with the 5 Star Frogsplash.

– Randy Orton injured The Miz.

– Confined to a wheelchair the mad scientist unveiled his latest Paul Heyman Guy, Ryback.

Paul Heyman Ryback

– The Usos def. Tons of Funk and The Real Americans to become No. 1 contenders to the WWE Tag Team Championships.

– The WWE locker room saved Daniel Bryan from another beating from Randy Orton and The Shield and hoist him up in the air as the true champion!

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  • Tony Neverheat Pesonen

    damn, wwe has some interesting storylines at the moment, how did this happen! :)

    • Keelan Balderson

      It’s like they’ve suddenly gone “oh yeah that’s how it’s done”.

      • Tony Neverheat Pesonen

        those are the exact words I said to my friend yesterday. though it was in finnish :D but wwe is looking strong in my eyes at the moment, I hope they keep it going :)

  • john

    Best raw ive seen in years

  • jake

    Big Show didn’t spear Dusty. Big show just placed him on the floor gently after the K.O. punch.

    • Keelan Balderson

      I stand corrected. The image threw me off.

  • Kent Walker

    is it just me or not… have been thinking that ryback being a heyman guy is a plot by the higher powers in the whole evil coo thing that trips has got going at the moment. i mean come on a few weeks back he was attacking people on their behalf and now you want me to believe he is a heyman guy. me sniffs a rat.. and besides how much would hhh, Stephanie and co like to bury heyman in storyline ( i don’t know how they get on backstage so i don’t think it would be personal as he is good for business )… plus ryback being a supposed heyman guy gives him a run at punk which could kill two birds with one stone for the powers, and then maybe just maybe axel could become the face of the wwe ( if he shaves that scruffy face fuzz ) and have a title run until cody returns and aims for revenge. dont know about anyone else but i would pay to see rhodes vs axel for the title.

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