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Daniel Bryan Returns On RAW, Sting’s WWE Status, Charlotte Talks Ric Flair’s Legacy

Daniel Bryan Takes Control of RAW

As per the Survivor Series stipulation, because Team Authority lost, Triple H and Stephanie bid their farewell on RAW. To add further insult Daniel Brayn returned to YES them away, before taking control of RAW for one night. This appears to be a one time deal rather than a permanent GM spot. Bryan is still rehabbing from injuries.

More On Sting’s WWE Debut

Meanwhile despite being teased on Sting did not appear on RAW. It’s believed his appearance at Survivor Series was a last minute decision, and Randy Orton was actually poised for some kind of interference in the main event himself.

The reason Sting wasn’t on RAW may be because they haven’t worked out where they’re taking the storyline. The Undertaker was always the first name in consideration for a Wrestlemania match with the WCW legend, though Taker’s own status is obviously in doubt. The obvious match would be Triple H vs Sting, but say this has not been discussed internally yet.

The ending of the PPV was a great moment. They need to follow up in a big way. Ultimately his run will probably end in a Hall of Fame induction.

Eric Bischoff commented on Sting’s appearance on Twitter:

In other Sting news WWE are working on a Monday Night War episode that focusses on both Sting and the Undertaker as dark characters that helped spark interest in the two products.

Charlotte Flair Walking In Father’s Footsteps

In a recent interview with the Huffington Post NXT star Charlotte discussed the pressure of walking in Ric Flair’s footsteps:

The biggest thing holding me back is fear. Being afraid to fail and not live up to such a legacy my dad has made. I do feel the pressure, but I also feel the drive. My dad was really hard on me as a kid in sports, so this is no different.

I want it so bad. Obviously NXT’s brand, we have a little more time to work. There’s a little more Divas focus — more story lines, more backstage segments. As NXT is the future, I hope as we all come up together, the Divas division will have more depth and be stronger. Not to say it’s not strong now. But I hope with what NXT has to offer, the division will just be incredible.

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