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Daniel Bryan Confronts Batista On SmackDown, JR Talks Heyman DVD, WWE’s Top Big Men

March 07, 2014, WWE SmackDown Results

– Daniel Bryan confronted Batista to open SmackDown, giving him a few home truths. Without the interference of Randy Orton, Corporate Kane and Triple H on RAW, he would have beaten Batista. A brawl ensued, but Kane came to Batista’s aid. Big Show made the save, setting up a tag team main event.

– Christian def. Dolph Ziggler, after Del Rio who was on commentary distracted Ziggler.

– Sheamus attacked Christian backstage.

– WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos def. Ryback & Curtis Axel.

– Natalya & Eva Marie def. AJ Lee & Tamina, when Natalya got the Sharpshooter on AJ.

– Despite the tension the Shield seemed to work out their issues in the center of the ring.

– Sheamus def. Alberto Del Rio, with the Brogue Kick.

– Daniel Bryan & Big Show def. Batista & Kane, after Big Show hit the KO Punch on Kane and Bryan rolled him up.

Jim Ross Hypes Paul Heyman DVD

Jim Ross hyped the upcoming Paul Heyman DVD in his latest blog:

Based on what some of those interviewed have told me, I’m not sure that the upcoming Paul Heyman DVD will be a tribute or a roast. Seriously, the DVD should be entertaining and informative but if you would have told me in our WCW days that Paul would someday have a WWE DVD, I’d have asked what you were smoking.

My Happy Heyman DVD interview lasted over two hours and from what I was told I was the last person to be interviewed for the much anticipated release.

WWE’s 30 Best Big Men has a new article up looking at the 30 best big men in wrestling history. Here’s a quick look at the rankings.

#30 Kamala
#29 Haystacks Calhoun (Not Lochness Giant Haystacks)
#28 Big Daddy V
#27 Don Leo Jonathan
#26 “Crusher” Jerry Blackwell
#25 Bubba Ray Dudley
#24 One Man Gang
#23 Giant Baba
#22 Abdullah the Butcher
#21 King Kong Bundy
#20 Big John Studd
#19 Umaga
#18 Sycho Sid
#17 Rikishi
#16 Kevin Nash
#15 Bruiser Brody
#14 Earthquake
#13 Big Boss Man
#12 Blackjack Mulligan
#11 Mark Henry
#10 Gorilla Monsoon
#9 Stan Hansen
#8 Ernie Ladd
#7 Yokozuna
#6 Bam Bam Bigelow
#5 Vader
#4 Kane
#3 Big Show
#2 Andre The Giant
#1 The Undertaker

It’s a shame there’s no Mike Awesome.

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