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Daniel Bryan Concussed? NXT Touring Overseas? Stipulation For RAW Match

Daniel Bryan Out With Concussion

Rumors suggest Daniel Bryan is not out with his neck and arm issues as first thought, but may actually be concussed. However it’s hard to say for certain as WWE have not confirmed the specific reason why he was pulled from the European tour.

Regal Says NXT Is Going International

At his recent One Man Show in the UK, NXT GM William Regal says the brand will be touring internationally within the next 18 months. He says the company plans to book smaller arenas and venues all across the world.

The Miz vs Mizdow Stipulation

Monday’s match between The Miz and Damien Mizdow will have a stipulation where the winner will get the exclusive rights to Miz’s gear, music, entrance video, and moves.

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