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The Cowardly Giant Big Show Chooses His Job Over Daniel Bryan on RAW

Big Show Daniel Bryan

The Big Show has always been weak. His sporadic bullying of the other WWE stars and dismissal of the crowd is usually the result of frustration. Deep down he just wants to be loved, but as soon as he hits a roadblock his cowardice shines through. He wants to do right by Daniel Bryan, but there’s no bigger roadblock than WWE COO Triple H, who has Show’s career in the palm of his hand. On this week’s RAW Big Show was forced in to a match against Daniel Bryan and he just couldn’t bring himself to do what was right.

At first reluctant the valiant warrior Daniel Bryan eventually goaded him in to fighting back, after delivering a series of stiff kicks and elbows. Regardless of the situation the rightful WWE Champion is not going to back down from a match, and it was time for Big Show to man up!

Bryan Big Show RAW

With that Show connected with a giant spear, but his emotions soon became too much and he left the ring.

This was not the outcome the twisted puppeteers of WWE envisioned, and they were not about to let their pawn escape from the chessboard. Flanked by The Shield Triple H and Stephanie returned a teary Big Show back to the ring and blackmailed him in to delivering a KO punch, but not before The Shield triple-teamed Bryan in to submission.

Far from burying Bryan, this storyline is the making of him – because although he’s been on the receiving end week after week, he remains morally superior in a sea of cowards. His peers are cowards for not following his example, and the corporate bigwigs have to place obstacle after obstacle in front of him just to get their way, and even then they run like scolded dogs when he hits the ring like on Friday’s SmackDown.

If the battle ground was fair, Bryan would be Champion, but it makes for far more interesting TV to watch him persevere in the face of insurmountable odds. Of course we all still fear that the big payoff will never come, but in the meantime who can complain about the former independent darling getting weekly main events and TV time? Isn’t this what we wanted?

September 02, 2013, WWE RAW Results:

– Daniel Bryan interrupted Triple H and Randy Orton, promoting the COO to book him in a match against The Big Show.

– The Miz def. Fandango with the Figure Four.

– Cody Rhodes confronted Triple H and Randy Orton. He was punished with a match against Orton, which if he loses may cost him his career.

– Ryback def. Dolph Ziggler, after Dean Ambrose interfered.

– Stephanie reminded Big Show that despite an Iron-Clad contract, loopholes state that for it to be honored he has to do as he’s told.

– The Prime Time Players def. 3MB.

– WWE Champion Randy Orton def. Cody Rhodes with the RKO, and Triple H sent him packing. (This is to write him off TV while he enjoys his wedding).

– CM Punk addressed Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel, promising a “Biblical” piece of payback at Night of Champions.

– Natalya, Brie Bella and Naomi fought to a No Contest, when AJ Lee interfered. Outnumbered, the Total Divas got their revenge.

– RVD def. Damien Sandow with the Five Star Frog Splash.

– The Big Show was forced to KO Daniel Bryan.

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  • grumpyoldbastard

    well stepee how does it feel to be a bully! using someone to make your self feel better! Looks like your don’t be a bully campaign is being flushed like your career!! it seems to me your telling all the youngsters who watch your show its ok to gang up and beat up someone!! its ok to gang up 3 on 1!! yea it works hum!!

    • Keelan Balderson

      Not really because they’re portrayed as bad guys, and ultimately the good guys should and likely will overcome the bullies.

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