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Colt Cabana Gets WWE Tryout, New Khali? WWE Scooby Doo Update

Indy Stars Get Second Chance At NXT

Several independent stars including Colt Cabana, Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards have received second WWE tryouts this week at the Performance Center in Orlando. Cabana is still being considered for a commentating role, while Richards and Edwards have been working as a tag team.

Speaking of developmental JR chimed in on the release of Kassius Ohno in his latest blog.

I wasn’t shocked to hear of Chris Hero aka Kassius Ohno’s release from WWE. I’m a big fan of Chris’ work and know that he will be successful doing his own thing in the indy world. He’s a good person and a very talented, smart in ring talent. Quite simply, at this point in time of his life, Chris did not fit as well in the WWE system as all involved would have preferred. Too many fans will over analyze this matter and delve into finding out who was “at fault.” Sometimes no one is totally “at fault” as it generally takes multiple entities to make anything become a success, or not, in pro wrestling or in many other areas of sports and entertainment.

“New Khali” Getting WWE Tryout?

In other tryout news the Indian media are reporting that 7ft 5, 335lb, Rajesh Kumar may be getting a shot the next time WWE is in Japan. The 39 year old literally goes by the name “The New Khali”.

At his age it’s unlikely he’ll ever be given a long term deal, but it’s possible they might bring him in for a short run to face Khali or do some kind of comedy skit.

New Khali

Rajesh said that his daily diet includes 40 eggs, 5-6 kg of chicken, 7 litres of milk, 6-7 kg of fruit and more than 30 chappatis.

WWE Scooby Doo Title Revealed

The title of the upcoming Scooby Doo animated movie featuring WWE stars, is “Scooby Doo and the Curse of the Ghost Bear.”

The plot involves the gang getting tickets to Wrestlemania while a ghost bear haunts the arena. Vince McMahon, AJ Lee, Santino Marella and Brodus Clay have so far been announced as characters.

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