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CM Punk’s Contract Expiring, Tensai Wants To Commentate, Bryan Not In Rumble

CM Punk’s Contract Expires This Summer

CM Punk revealed to Ariel Helwani of that his contract expires in July and he hasn’t decided if he’ll be staying. “Everything is up in the air,” says Punk.

He also said that he’d thrown his name in the hat to be the one to induct Ultimate Warrior in to the Hall of Fame, because they have similar loner personalities. Though they’ve never met face to face Punk says Warrior often texts him inspirational material.

Punk also addressed the Michelle Beadle incident, saying Beadle verbally disrespected him and AJ basically approached her and told her not to. Punk says he’s no longer friendly with Beadle and didn’t take her comments as banter.

Tensai Wants To Commentate For NXT

In a new interview Tensai revealed his ambition to commentate for NXT. He said:

As far as my future goals, I hope to be a regular commentator on NXT. From there, I hope to be part of a team to call Raw or SmackDown. I would also like to be a trainer and producer for WWE at some point. I like to set lofty goals and tackle them a day at a time.

Daniel Bryan Not Scheduled For Rumble Match

Daniel Bryan confirmed in an interview with the Straits Times Communities that he is not currently entered in to the Royal Rumble match this Sunday:

“As of now, I’m not in the 30-man Royal Rumble match. I’m trying to get involved in it. (WWE) COO Triple H doesn’t want me anywhere in the Royal Rumble match.”

Judging from the fact that he name dropped Triple H, this could be a storyline, with Bryan’s entrance somewhat of a surprise.

Dolph Ziggler on the other hand still needs to be legitimately evaluated ahead of the event due to his recent concussion.

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