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CM Punk On Talking Dead, Batista DJ Incident Update, Buff Bagwell Show A Work?

CM Punk Returns To TV This Week

CM Punk will be returning to TV this week as a guest on AMC’s the Talking Dead chat show on Sunday. He is being hyped as “Super Fan Phil Brooks aka CM Punk.”

This will be his first public appearance since walking out on WWE.

Speaking of Punk there were a few chants for him during last night’s TNA Lockdown.

Batista DJ Incident A Work But Not By WWE

As speculated earlier this week it now appears the incident between Batista and Winnipeg Power 97 DJ Cam Carson was a publicity stunt, but not one that WWE was clued up on.

Carson had actually been promoting the show all week on the radio and the station was listed as a sponsor. It was either something they did deliberately to cause some controversy, or Batista agreed to do it. Security legitimately escorted him out of the building and in the process an 11 year old boy was reportedly trampled.

We can assume Power 97 will no longer get the opportunity to work with WWE again. No word on any repercussions for Batista, if they’re even warranted.

Former WCW Star Says Gigolos Is A Work

Former WCW star Disco Inferno was a guest on this week’s MLW Radio with Konnan and said he was told by those who got Buff Bagwell on the Gigolos reality show that it’s a work.

Of course all reality TV is contrived to some degree, so it still isn’t clear exactly what he’s doing it. It was strongly implied in his debut episode that he “serviced” somebody, and they are selling him on the show’s accompanying website.

Inferno suggested that the scenarios are staged but it’s up to the individual Gigolo and customer how far they actually go in the end.

Buff is still happily married.

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