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CM Punk Speaks Out! Quit Due To Sickness and Injuries That WWE Ignored

For the first time since his departure from WWE CM Punk has given his side of the story on Colt Cabana’s Podcast. The former Champ says he did not quit outright, rather ongoing sickness and injuries caused him to need time off, and WWE then forced him out the door when their relationship soured.

He also revealed that he was creatively stifled, blocked from doing any of his own projects, and when he pitched for wrestlers to get their own sponsors, only Brock Lesnar was granted the privilege. He also said being overlooked by part timers for Wrestlemania was unfair.

WWE Screwed CM Punk?

Punk said that before he took time off after the Royal Rumble, he had been working with broken ribs (which is why his elbow drops were so lacklustre), the company failed to safeguard him after a concussion, which caused him many sleepless nights, he had a staph infection in his back which he had to get diagnosed outside of WWE, his knees were in bad shape, and he was so run down that he was close to vomiting after every match. Instead of being granted time off he says WWE’s doctors pumped him with antibiotics, which on one episode of SmackDown caused him to “shit [his] pants” during a match. He says he couldn’t eat, he couldn’t sleep, and he had a constant fever for weeks.

He sustained the concussion during the Royal Rumble, but instead of being given time off he says the company essentially fudged his concussion testing. He knew they did this because they tested him while he wasn’t even paying attention, had headphones on, and was talking to Cabana. They then wanted him to run the ropes “like a rookie” when he knew himself he was hurt.

Because of all of this he technically walked out, though if it’s all true, it’s not like you can blame him. He was very sick!

Punk says that instead of allowing him to rest the company decided to inform him that he was suspended for breach of contract and Vince then told investors he was on a “sabbatical.” Punk says the “suspension” was for two months, but when that time had passed and he’d had the chance to at least re-cooperate a bit, WWE never actually got back in touch about returning. In spite Punk never initiated contact either, so later on WWE again said he was breaching his deal. This all came to a head on his Wedding day.

Pissed off at the way things were handled, Punk hired a lawyer and threatened the company over the contract breach claim and the fact that they were withholding his royalties. Eventually some kind of settlement was reached, but he has NO intention of ever returning.

Punk admits that the conversation he had backstage with Vince and Triple H before walking out was not cordial, and he ranted and raved about Triple H burying him and all the medical problems he was suffering from. He also challenged Triple H to take a “piss test.” He said Vince gave him a hug, but then stabbed him in the back via the breach of contract claim.

WWE’s version of events is most likely that Punk is exaggerating, but nobody who witnessed his matches during this time could deny that he looked sick and was not performing anywhere near his best.

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  • ReallyPeople?

    ​there is an obvious theme here: Triple H thinks he is vince, but isn’t, and Punk had the balls to call him on it over and over. That led to them slowly burying him and then working him to quitting. It all seems obvious that they worked Punk til he quit ON PURPOSE so, as he says, they could keep “their narrative”.

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